7 Best International Health Insurance Plans for Expats in Ghana

Want to move to Ghana? Have no idea of the various insurance options or health plans there? Check out in this article everything you need to know in case of medical emergencies in your new country!

It is natural that several concerns surround our mind when the topic is going to another country. We need to have a place to stay, look for a job, understand how the country’s culture works, buy tickets, learn a new language

It’s normal for people to forget that worrying about health insurance is just as important as everything else. After all, it is about your health.

Ghana, a country located in West Africa is always recognized as one of the most peaceful countries on the continent. The country has many attractive places, and the Ghanaian people are welcoming and warm!

Therefore, in addition to talking about good alternatives for international health insurance for expatriates in the Ghana, we will also comment on how the health system works there, the differences between travel insurance and insurance for expatriates, which among the various coverages you may need and other information such as the types of visas required to live there.


Live in Ghana


How does the health system work in Ghana?

Ghana has a limited healthcare infrastructure. Despite the government improving health care in the country, hospitals remain overcrowded and underfunded. Emergency medical services are of reasonable quality, although ambulances can be slow to arrive.

Expats living in Ghana almost always use private facilities that offer a considerably higher standard of care and more modern medical facilities.

Public hospitals in Ghana are generally funded by the government, while religious groups also play a key role in providing medical care to the Ghanaian population. Many newcomers feel that the quality of public hospitals and clinics in Ghana’s cities is inadequate when compared to medical facilities in other countries.

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Ghana’s universal health care system for all residents, has greatly improved the health situation in the country. This eliminated the need for Ghanaian citizens to pay for their treatment up front and increased the accessibility of healthcare for Ghana’s poorest.

Although expatriates can access NHIS services for a nominal fee, most prefer to be treated in a private facility by investing in a private health insurance policy. Private hospitals in the country generally provide a better standard of care and contain more modern equipment than public hospitals.

The standard of facilities in private hospitals in Ghana varies, but those in areas with large expatriate communities are well equipped and comfortable. Waiting times are much shorter at private clinics in Ghana and newcomers will find that the medical staff speak fluent English.


Do expats need health insurance in Ghana?

Yea! As much as the public health system in the Ghana is good and functional, everyone who is going to spend more than 90 days in the Ghana, regardless of the reasons, must present, when applying for a visa, proof of taking out insurance of health.

So, in case you intend to move to Ghana. I recommend that you insure yourself with one of the companies listed below 🙂

Bureaucracies can be annoying at times, but with a contracted international health plan you are much more relaxed. Even more so considering that you will be in a completely different country, with laws, culture and sometimes even a language different from yours.

That is why, having international health coverage will make you much safer for any situation that you are not expecting or emergencies. In addition to security, international plans have other benefits, which I will mention below.


As an immigrant in Ghana, should I get an international health insurance plan like the ones recommended in the list below? Or should I get a national plan?

The choice may vary depending on your individual medical needs and the cover you may need during your stay in the Ghana.

It is a fact that international health plans must meet all of their Ghana coverage requirements. If you choose one of them, don’t forget to check at the government embassy what the minimum insurance requirements are for staying in the country.

Having never lived in Ghana, so I can’t recommend or speak about the national plans that are available.
With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you might prefer international health insurance over public coverage or national plans:

  • Most likely international health insurance will have cheaper monthly fees than national ones;
  • You can choose how long your plan lasts;
  • In international health insurance, you can cancel or extend it whenever you want;
  • International insurance offers coverage in other countries, not just in a single one (which is why they are considered “international”).



Who do these international health insurance policies cover?

All international health insurance companies listed just below are for citizens living in Ghana as workers, immigrants, expatriates or students from the following home countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • European Union (Portugal, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Sweden) 
  • Argentina
  • United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland) 
  • New Zealand
  • In addition to citizens of other countries 


In addition to working for expatriates/immigrants residing in Ghana, these companies also provide services for residents living in:

  • USA;
  • Canada; 
  • Europe (European Union and United Kingdom); 
  • Japan;
  • Australia;
  • And any other country in the world!


As they are international plans, they can be used by people of any nationality and anywhere in the world, as they have worldwide coverage!


Why can’t I get travel insurance when I move to Ghana? What is the difference between travel insurance and expatriate insurance? 

Travel insurance is a necessity on any trip as it not only covers medical emergencies but general issues on your trip such as lost luggage.

It is necessary to emphasize that travel insurance is not the best for expatriates and immigrants, because although it is possible to request a longer travel insurance, it is still only made for those who want a temporary stay in the country and not for those who intend to stay longer. long term, i.e. for tourists.

Furthermore, travel insurance does not usually meet the requirements required by law to be a Ghana’s resident.

In the end, it will be necessary to choose a health insurance plan that specifically covers expats. This is where the list below will help you.


What are the 7 best health insurances for expatriates and immigrants in Ghana?

Finding the right health plan can be a headache. For this reason, we have prepared a comparison table of the best companies. That way, you’ll be able to see the pros and cons of each one faster, in addition to deciding the best one for you!

After the table, there are more detailed descriptions of each company, with their benefits, plans and more!

In addition to all that has been said, the best advice I can give you is: get a quote from each company before making your final decision. It may take a little longer, but in the end you’ll save a lot of money!


Digital Nomads Insurance 2

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Digital Nomads Insurance

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AetnaGet a Quote

geoblueGet a Quote

Best Nomad Insurance

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Global Underwriters

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Benefit Information
Medical Maximum Unlimited (for the Platinum plan) $8,000,000 The site doesn’t specify  Unlimited US$1,000,000 per year The site doesn’t specify  $1,000,000
U.S. In-Network Coinsurance You choose. From 70%(100% thereafter) to 100% 100% No 60% for maximum coinsurance and then 100% Yes, for higher fees Only in emergencies Yes
U.S. Out-of-Network Coinsurance You choose. From 70%(100% thereafter) to 100% 90% to $5,000 (100% thereafter) Yes, for higher fees 100% 100% 100% 100%
Mental Health Availability No waiting period 12-month waiting period Co-payment of $25 per visit, waived deductible 75% up to 40 visits / 60% after that No Waiting period of 10 months Depends on the plan
Mental Health Benefit Inpatient and Outpatient: $5,000 lifetime maximum to paid in full depending on the plan Inpatient and Outpatient: $50,000 lifetime maximum Co-payment of $250 after deductible 100% up to 60 days International and ambulance: limit not specified
Inpatient Prescription Drugs $500 to paid in full depending on the plan Up to $8,000,000 Yes Complete reimbursement Yes Yes
Outpatient Prescription Drugs None, unless you buy the International Outpatient Option Up to $8,000,000 Complete reimbursement Yes Yes
Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains Paid in full Up to $8,000,000 Yes Up to $25,000 No Up to 10,000 euros  Yes
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Depends on the plan Rider available, limit depends on age. $50,000 Depends on the plan
Emergency Dental Paid in full Up to $8,000,000 Optional 1,000 per year, $ 200 per tooth Yes, however you need to pay an extra fee on top of your plan Depending on the plan, it’s unlimited It has coverage in the Diplomat Long Term and Diplomat International plans
Treatment Necessary as Result of Terrorism Up to the amount of the coverage Rider available up to $50,000-lifetime maximum Clause available up to maximum of $50,000 in lifetime payments
Amateur Sports Unlimited Rider available up to $10,000 No Yes No No No
Newborn Care
Routine Nursery Care of a Newborn Child of a Covered Pregnancy $25,000 to $156,000 depending on the plan $1,000 additional deductible, $50,000 lifetime maximum, $200 wellness benefit for first 12 months Yes Depends on the plan Can be unlimited depending on the plan Can be unlimited depending on the plan
Children born as a result of fertility treatment (such as IVF or surrogacy) Only after the baby is 90 days old Excluded Depends on the plan Excluded No
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Check website for updated information $250,000 maximum for first 31 days No Up to $250,000 for the first 31 days  No
Pre-existing Conditions
Pre-existing condition exclusion period Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness Conditions that are fully disclosed on the application and have not been excluded or restricted by a rider will be covered as any illness
Pre-existing condition look back period Any time prior to effective date Any time prior to effective date Any time prior to effective date Any time prior to effective date Any time prior to the effective date Any time prior to the effective date Any time prior to the effective date
Pre-existing annual maximum once covered Unlimited depending on the plan Up to $8,000,000 Unlimited depending on the plan Unlimited depending on the plan Full reimbursement Unlimited depending on the plan Unlimited depending on the plan
Pre-existing lifetime maximum once covered Unlimited depending on the plan Up to $8,000,000 Unlimited depending on the plan Unlimited depending on the plan Full reimbursement Unlimited depending on the plan Unlimited depending on the plan


Attention: This article and table are made for informational purposes as the information contained here is subject to changes and updates.

In my opinion, the best international health insurance companies for expats are:

  1. Cigna 
  2. IMG
  3. Now Health
  4. Aetna
  5. Global Underwriters
  6. SafetyWing
  7. Foyer Global Health 


   1. Cigna7 Melhores Seguros Saúde Internacional para Expatriados em Singapura

Cigna is a company created in the United States and has a large role in Europe. It is a good choice when it comes to international health insurance.

With more than 60 years in the insurance market, Cigna is highly recognized for its insurance and has more than 170 million customers worldwide. My wife, Nikki, has already used a Cigna health plan to fulfill the validation requirements of her Swedish residency card.

The company has a wide range of plans to choose from, including specific plans for expats, which will work great if you’re going to the Ghana, as well as individual and family plans.

An advantage of Cigna is that you have the ability to add benefits to your contract according to your specific needs and the type of medical care you know you need covered.

You can choose between the Silver, Platinum or Gold plan. All have coverage in over 200 countries around the world.

If your focus is on a cheaper Ghana insurance plan, the best alternative is the Close Care plan. It is the most affordable option from Cigna, as coverage is only for your country of origin and the country where you intend to reside, in this case, Ghana.


Advantages of an international health insurance plan with Cigna:

  • 24/7 service
  • Flexibility if you need to make changes to the plan
  • Coverage for COVID-19 or PCR tests
  • No registration required to make quotes
  • It has its own digital system to find hospitals and clinics with care close to you
  • Cigna, for the most part, pays healthcare providers directly, with no need for a reimbursement system.

Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with Cigna:

  • Some plans don’t cover maternity


Seguro de Saúde para Expatriados e Imigrantes



   2. IMG Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Expatriados

Another company recognized for its international insurance is IMG. It has over two decades of experience and 3 subsidiaries around the world.

IMG also has several types of plans to choose from, whether individual or for whole families, for expats or travelers. You will see that they have the possibility of plans with long stays of a year or more, but also short term travel plans.

This insurer’s website is very intuitive to navigate, with filters for dates, plan duration, destination and much more, making your search easier. In addition to these filters, you can add your personal details like age and specific needs.

In this way, IMG is able to make a detailed quote that allows you to compare plan and coverage options so that you are free to choose the best one.

But when hiring your service, be aware of the details of each plan, as some do not have coverage for certain ages and not all of their plans cover the needs of Covid-19.


Advantages of an international health insurance plan with IMG:

  • Customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Flexibility plans for different client profiles
  • More than 17,000 physicians for support

Disadvantages of signing up for an international health insurance plan with IMG:

  • Some plans do not cover COVID-19
  • No coverage for people 75+ years old



Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Expatriados



   3. Now Health International

As indicated by its name, Now Health International is dedicated to providing an efficient, cost-effective, and easily accessible service. The company places a strong focus on building and nurturing customer relationships. They prioritize delivering clear and concise plan information and promptly addressing any questions or concerns through their dedicated customer support team.

Now Health plans are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by individuals living abroad. They aim to provide guidance and facilitate access to high-quality healthcare services worldwide.


Advantages of an international health insurance plan with Now Health:

  • Customized plans according to your needs
  • Clear information and excellent customer service team
  • Provides coverage in 194 countries and territories
  • Plans with high coverage routine maternity coverage


Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with Now Health:

  • You must wait a 12-month grace period to use maternity coverage.
  • In some procedures, it is necessary to use the company’s reimbursement system, which means that you would have to pay for your care initially




   4. Aetna (acquired by Allianz) Allianz Care Logo

Aetna has already won several awards and is a reference in the international insurance field. If you are looking for security and credibility at the time of your choice before your move to Ghana, then this is a good company to consider.

They don’t have a lot of variety of plans, but they have a flexibility that lets you add additional coverage (such as dental care). The plans include coverage of up to 5 million dollars, depending on the case.

You can choose from family or individual plans, and may include coverage for repatriation and medical evacuation.

As an expat, I highly recommend the Aetna Pioneer. The plan has basic coverage of up to $1.75 million. Simply fill out a short form on the website to see an accurate quote and get detailed information on available policies.


Advantages of an international health insurance plan with Aetna:

  • They cover maternity
  • Has an app that summarizes information and easy location of services and providers
  • Short, medium and long term travel plans
  • 24/7 care
  • Pre-travel assistance to help with questions, such as vaccinations and regular use medications

Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with Aetna

  • Low plan diversity
  • Higher prices than other companies on the list



Allianz Care



   5. SafetyWing Seguros Saúde Internacional para Expatriados 

SafetyWing is a very famous company with a high recognition in insurance for digital nomads, as it offers health insurance plans specifically for remote workers and companies, expats and digital nomads.

One of the biggest advantages of SafetyWing is that their policies are a little more accessible and easier to understand than other companies. Free of charge, they cover children from two to ten years old, if those responsible sign a plan.

Each package has a specific cost that depends on the age of the person subscribing. The cheapest plan doesn’t cover pre-existing health conditions, but it does cover up to $250,000. But you are free to add pre-existing condition coverage separately if needed, although this will add a fee to your total amount.

What I love most about SafetyWing is that the company gives you 30 days of free coverage in your home country for every 90 days you use their plans abroad, like in Ghana.



Advantages of an international health insurance plan with SafetyWing:

  • Modern website, easy access to information and intuitive
  • Customer service every day of the week, 24 hours a day
  • 30 days of free coverage in your home country for every 90 days of coverage used abroad
  • Coverage for COVID-19 and treatment recommended by medical specialists


Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with Safety Wing:

  • The plans are not as comprehensive and tend to have less overall coverage than some of the other options on this list;
  • Website prices do not include fees and taxes that you may have to pay



Seguros Saúde Internacional para Expatriados



   6. Global Underwriters Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Expatriados 

Global Underwriters is also very popular when it comes to international health insurance. They also have packages that cater to immigrants, students, digital nomads, and expats.

For someone moving to Ghana I recommend the Diplomat Long Term or the Diplomat International Plan. Both have complete coverage and generally include everything an expatriate will need in their new country.


Advantages of an international health insurance plan with Global Underwriters:

  • Up to $1 million of medical coverage in the two plans mentioned above, and $1 million in coverage in case of accidental death or dismemberment
  • All day, every day of the week client assistance
  • The above plans have emergency dental coverage, medical evacuations, and repatriation of remains


Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with Global Underwritres:

  • Diplomat Long Term does not insure travelers in Iran, Afghanistan and Cuba
  • Diplomat International does not cover COVID-19
  • Global Underwriters does not cover residents of Australia, Iran, South Dakota, Maryland and New York



Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Expatriados

Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Expatriados



   7. Foyer Global Health Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Expatriados 

Foyer Global Health is a major player in international health insurance plans for travelers, expats, digital nomads and immigrants.

It has a wide variety of plans, probably the biggest you can find on the market, in addition to being a reliable company (it is part of the largest European Foyer Group).


Advantages of an international health insurance plan with Foyer Global Health:

  • The plans provide coverage for consultations, dental treatments and even surgeries
  • 24/7 online or by phone 
  • Pre-travel service for vaccinations and first aid kit preparation
  • Coverage is available for evacuation and repatriation

Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with Foyer Global Health:

  • The coverage limits are not clear



Melhores Seguros Saúde Internacionais para Estudantes no China





   – GeoBlue 7 Melhores Seguros Saúde Internacional para Expatriados na Suíça

For over 20 years in the insurance market, GeoBlue offers insurance plans with international health coverage.

But this company only insures US citizens and residents. So, if you are not a US citizen or resident moving to Ghana, you can skip straight to the next option.

GeoBlue has health plans for different types of travelers, including immigrants. Xplorer Essential is the plan I highly recommend, as it’s made for long stays with unlimited coverage.

If you’re looking for a plan for a shorter stay, try the Voyager program. It’s very simple, you just need to fill out a form or get in touch with a broker to get a quote and receive more detailed information about the plans.


Advantages of a health insurance plan with GeoBlue:

  • Feature application such as telemedicine
  • 24-hour customer service, seven days a week
  • Some plans have coverage for existing medical conditions
  • All plans have unlimited coverage 


Disadvantages of an international health insurance plan with GeoBlue:

  • Only available to US residents or US citizens
  • Low plan flexibility
  • You need to submit a form or contact a broker for information or a quote for plans 



7 Melhores Seguros Saúde Internacional para Expatriados na Suíça



Types of Visa for Ghana to live, work, and study


   1. Business visa

When applying for a business visa, a letter from the applicant’s organization in the country where the mission is located, stating, among other things, the reasons for the visit and a letter of support/invitation from the applicant’s Business Partners in Ghana. Candidates will pay appropriate fees depending on the country they are applying from.

Business visa requirements;

  1. Visa Application Forms to be completed and signed
  2. Passport-sized color photos (2) to be pasted or stapled in the designated location on the application form
  3. Business and home addresses and contact phone numbers to be provided
  4. Occupation
  5. Financial means to be indicated
  6. Proposed date of travel
  7. Names and Addresses of Referrals and// Accommodation in Ghana (if hotel, details to be provided)
  8. Parent/legal guardian consent letter for children under 18
  9. Invitation Letter


   2. Student Visa

This is given to people who want to study in Ghana. They must attend an accredited institution in the country.

Study Visa/Student Permit Requirements

  1. Letter of Admission
  2. School Fee Receipt
  3. non-citizen card
  4. Cover letter (from school)
  5. 2 passport photos
  6. valid passport
  7. The statutory fee is GH¢150


  3. Work visa/work and residence permit

Foreigners wishing to live and work in Ghana need a work and residence permit. A work and residence permit is popularly called a work visa in some jurisdictions. The two names can be used interchangeably, but they apply to the same thing.

A work visa permit can be obtained upon application to the Minister of the Interior through the General Controller of Immigration. In Ghana, a work visa is usually valid for 1 year and in some special cases 6 months. A work visa specifies the name of the employer and a statement indicating that the holder is only permitted to engage in the specific job, business, or professional occupation specified in the work visa letter. A person who wants to make a business transaction, open a bank account or acquire a piece of land in Ghana needs a work visa to be able to do so.

Requirements for a work visa/work and residence permit

  1. Complete work and residence permit form
  2. Application letter on company letterhead
  3. Employment Letter / Employment Contract
  4. Attach two (2) recent passport photos
  5. Copy of US$120 non-citizen identity card for new applicant and US$60 for renewal.
  6. Original passport applicant
  7. Candidate passport bio data page
  8. Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum
  9. Educational and Professional Certificates
  10. copy of valid national identification for the person applying (Ghana) or copy of
  11. passport and residence permit (Foreigner National)
  12. Home Country Police Clearance Report
  13. Current Company Tax Clearance Certificate (for existing companies)
  14. Ghana Immigration Service Clinic Medical Report
  15. Commercial Registration Documents
  16. An official fee of US$500 for Ecowas Nationals and US$1,000 for other nationals


   4. Residence visa for an indefinite period

Indefinite residency gives a person permanent residency status in Ghana.

Legal Requirements for Indefinite permission

A person qualifies for indefinite residency status if that person:

  1. resided in Ghana during the twelve month period immediately preceding the date of application.
  2. During the seven years immediately preceding the twelve month period you resided in Ghana for a total period of at least five (5) years.
  3. Is of good character as attested in writing by two (2) Ghanaians, who are public notaries, lawyers, senior civil servants.
  4. was not sentenced to a prison term of twelve months or more.
  5. has made or in the Minister’s opinion able to make a substantial contribution to the development of Ghana.
  6. You intend to reside permanently in Ghana after status is granted and hold a valid
  7. residence permit on the date of your application (minimum valid for six (6) months).


Administrative requirements for indefinite permission

  1. A completed application form
  2. Two (2) current passport-sized photographs
  3. Sponsor application letter
  4. Letter of Attestation from two (2) Ghanaian Character Referees
  5. Photocopy of the candidate’s passport (data and current pages of the residence permit)
  6. Evidence of real estate (condent, site plan, etc.)
  7. Company Document (audited account within the last three (3) years, SSNIT returns from Ghana employees, GIPC Certificate, Tax Clearance Certificate for personnel and company within the last six years).
  8. Evidence of social contribution (eg donations and charitable work where applicable)
    relay Ghana Police Station
  9. Photocopy of the candidate’s non-citizen identification card
  10. An official fee of Gh¢4,000
  11. Indefinite form fee of Gh¢50


In a nutshell… 

These are the 7 best health insurance companies for expats and immigrants moving to Ghana

  1. Cigna
  2. IMG
  3. Now Health
  4. Aetna (Allianz)
  5. SafetyWing 
  6. Global Underwriters
  7. Foyer Global Health



Changing country and life is not a simple task, even if it is your dream… I hope this article has removed all your doubts and facilitated, at least a little, the process, at least when it comes to international health insurance for expatriates ! If you still have questions about insurance for your move to Ghana (or any other country abroad), leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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