The Art Of Backpacking & Travel

On this page, you’ll find all that you need to plan and fulfill your trip – whether it be “backpacking” style, a more traditional trip, or even luxury travel because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t like saving money on flights?!?!

The tips here work for all types of travelers – whether first-time travelers or long-time veterans of the road.

Follow the links below – either in order or based on what you want to know – to find complete and detailed articles with all you need.

If you’d like to know more about living abroad or activities, jobs, and adventures you can have around the world, don’t miss out our “Out of Your Comfort Zone” page.

Finally, for lots of articles about travel and specific destinations, check out our “travel blog” or our “travel map & destinations.”

And if you ever have any questions about any of the articles, just use the comments area and I’ll respond….always!

And if you are Brazilian, check out my Portuguese version, Fora da Zona de Conforto

Happy exploring!


Planning your next trip?

simbolo cruz vermelha Then don’t forget travel insurance! You don’t want to get stuck paying a ton of money and ruining your trip if you get sick or have an accident without travel insurance. Our page with The 3 Best and Cheapest Travel Insurance on the Market can help you choose the right plan and will give you some discount coupons for the biggest insurance companies!


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 Already reserved your hotel or hostel? If not, our article with The 6 Best and Cheapest Websites to Find & Reserve Accommodation can help you out. You’ll also find some promotions and discount codes.


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 Still haven’t booked your plane ticket and want to save big? Take a look at our page with 16 Tips to Save on Flights where you’ll also find the 4 best websites to buy your plane tickets. 


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And finally, will you need to rent a car during your trip? Then surely our page with The 5 Best and Cheapest Websites to Compare and Rent Cars Around the World will help you choose the best rental car and find a good deal.


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