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  1. Latitude Adjustment: Two Wanderers in Panama

    You recommend IMG? You may want to check this link for the dozens of complaints they have received for NOT paying claims and slow customer service!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Thanks! This is awesome! Was looking for something just like this!

  3. Alma
    Alma at |

    My husband is a paramedic and currently working in Ghana for the WHO. He needs information regarding Medevac from Ghana to Cape Town South Africa, and medical insurance please?

  4. Robert S.
    Robert S. at |

    When it comes to travel, especially for those looking to permanently relocate, having health insurance that carries over is essential. Good information to have here!

  5. 7 Best International Health Insurance Plans for Expats in Japan - The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] 7 Best International Health Insurances for Expats & Immigrants […]

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