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  1. Victoria Tegg
    Victoria Tegg at |

    Wow! Thank you! I continually needed to write on my site something like that. Can I include a part of your post to my website?

  2. Nathaniel
    Nathaniel at |

    Hey! Thanks for the review! I’d like to give one more option which I use – Blackcatcard. I’m not sure whether you know about it as it’ s a relatively new product. It’s a EU prepaid debit card which can be opened online and the cars is delivered to your doorstep worldwide. All the transaction within the system are instant, free and with no limits no number of transactions. Top up from cards of other banks is at 3,5% fee. Withdrawal fees for EU non-residents are fixed at 2% at EU Mastercard ATMs. For residents: no fee up to 200 EUR per month then 1% at EU Mastercard ATMS. At non-EU ATMs 1% for residents and 2% for non-residents, min 1.50 euro. However, it supports only euro so far so for US citizens for instance it is not the best way

  3. Joe Armstrong
    Joe Armstrong at |

    When you’re talking about banks, you’re talking about wire transfers, which can certainly be costly, but many banks have alternate ways of sending global transfers using partner networks that have very low or NO fees.

  4. Mali
    Mali at |

    I would like to comment on my experience by adding Sendvalu https://www.sendvalu.com/en/refer/b7ba6a8b-7bf0-4cf9-8236-b99bfebb6e95?c=em to this complete list

    I have used Paysend, Western Union, but from Spain at least it is a mess, I could not verify my account and I have followed all the steps, the help desk seemed terrible to me and the commissions are quite high for my liking.

    I also tried Moneygram, Rewire and TransferWise and for one reason or another they did not go well, or they gave me problems or they charged too much, or they ask you a lot of paperwork to verify or when you send a couple of times they start asking you for a fee, etc.

    The best option for me was Sendvalu. At the end of so much testing I found this service and it was extremely comfortable for me.

    Hopefully it will be like me and if you have doubts you can ask me here.

  5. Renier
    Renier at |

    Hi Rodrigo. What about people who want to send money from South Africa. It seems that if I want to use the options given I struggle to find an agency that can send money from South Africa to Taiwan. Even our banks cannot send it in any other currency than USD and GBP. Doesn’t that imply double fees… from ZAR to USD to NTD??
    Any solutions?

  6. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    Great article, but people should know that Azimo is quite proud of their decision that only “high value customers” — ie ones with tons of cash and frequent exchanges — will be receiving any kind of timely customer service. The source of this information is Azimo themselves, though of course they are not foolish enough to post that on their website. Instead, I found it under “Cool Stories” at https://snapcall.io/customer-azimo while I was googling their email address. “Discover how Azimo pivoted its phone support and focused on high-value customers only.”
    Just wow.

  7. Tilki
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  8. Klsy
    Klsy at |

    The link for Aizmo doesn’t work. It gets redirected to some “partnerize” website.

  9. Henry Killingsworth
    Henry Killingsworth at |

    I appreciate the advice you shared about how to send money abroad. I need to send money to someone that is living in a different country. This information you shared will help me make sure that the money reaches its destination safely.

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