Best and Cheapest Travel Apps to Book Your Trip – 2022

All the travel resources you need for your next trip in one place. Includes 81 of the best and most affordable companies, websites, and apps for you to plan and prepare for your trips — plane tickets, accommodation (hotels or hostels), travel insurance, local transportation (train, buses, car rentals), itinerary planners, & more!

Travel companies and apps


The best and cheapest travel companies and resources for you to search, plan, and get the items you need for your trips!

As I’m always asked which companies I use to plan and carry out my trips, I thought it would be useful to put all of them on a single page as, at the moment, they are spread out among diverse pages focusing on specific subjects like flights, accommodation, and travel insurance. Hopefully, this page will be helpful because you can find all the links that I use on my treks around the world on a single page.

I will continue adding new links to this page as I encounter new tools of travel. At the same time, I will constantly be referring to this page in future articles. Saying this, I advise you to check out this page every time you are planning a new trip. And if you have any question about the companies, contact me and I’ll try to help you out with pleasure. Enjoy!

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1. Plane Tickets

2. Accommodation

3. Travel Insurance

4. Overland Transportation

5. Travel Guides

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7. Currency Exchange & International

8. Tours and Travel Packages

9. General Travel Resources

10. Important Airlines



 Plane Tickets


kayak logo


In general, this is the first site that I consult when I am planning my trips. This is because the site is a general aggregator or, in other words, it’ll give you all the options of flying for your chosen date with all of the companies that do that route. They have even started to include what are called “low cost airlines” in their results. Besides this, Kayak has a tool that’ll give you an option of 49 different date combinations so you can find the cheapest date possible. Since it shows you the final prices (with all taxes and fees included), it is great to compare ticket costs from different airlines.

Momondomomondo logo

Momondo is a relatively new search site for flights and accommodation, but it’s already catching fire around the world. This is because, normally, you can find very cheap flights. Besides this, it’ll give you a bar graph with the price of tickets per day. So, it’s very easy to figure out which day to travel on for the best day. Don’t forget to search on Momondo before buying your ticket.



skyscanner logoSkyscanner 

I like Skyscanner because it gives me results from all of the airline companies in existence, including low-cost ones!! This is very important for flights within Europe or Asia.

It can also give you the price of a flight month to month or, in other words, what exactly the cheapest day to fly in the month of April or the month of June is. Sometimes, though, this feature isn’t accurate. Although, lately, I’ve managed to find cheaper tickets on Skyscanner than on any other site.

Priceline logoPriceline 

This is also one of my favorites. Besides having excellent deals to rent cars and stay in hotels around the world, you can also find unbeatable prices on some flights.

This is because Priceline lets you say how much you want to pay for a flight and give an offer. Then, they decide if they accept it or not. And when they accept it, the discount is really good! Take a look at my page with 16 tips on how to find cheap flights to read in detail how this tool works.


sta travel logoSTA Travel

STA (Student Travel Agency) is a site for searching and buying tickets for students. You can buy the ticket directly with them online but pay attention to their rules. At the time of check-in, you’ll have to prove that you’re a student.




google flights logoGoogle Flights

Google Flights isn’t exactly a site to buy flight tickets, but it is very good to help you search for the best and cheapest ticket possible.

Afterwards, just go to one of my links above to see if the price is really the same for the date shown and then purchase it. Or, go directly to the airline’s website. It has a cool tool where it’ll show you a map with various destinations and how much you’ll pay to fly there, depending on your city of departure.

If you want to learn more about these companies, take a look at my special page for flights with 16 tips on how to save on flights.


Best sites to find cheap tickets


Airwander is a flight search engine with a very nice difference in its operation, it automates flight combinations to add long-stay stopovers and cheaper tickets to your trips. Therefore, it is possible to add one or more destinations to your trip without extra cost! But if you don’t have time to make long-term stopovers, don’t worry. AirWander has the option of quick stopovers, guaranteeing tickets up to 65% cheaper. Another very nice option is the World-Tour, perfect for adventurers! With the World-Tour you can find flights around the world and save on your ticket.


Accommodation is the first site that I use to search for accommodation, whether it be hotels or hostels. This is because it always has a LOT of options for hotels and a reasonable selection of hostels. And the prices, in general, are normally lower than the competition, even if you check the hotel’s own website.

Another thing that I like about is that in several of its listed hotels and hostels, you can make your reservation without credit cards and just pay when you arrive. And in many of these, you can cancel for free up to 48 hours before your date of check-in. This is really great for anyone whose trip isn’t confirmed but still wants to start planning.

You can find hotels (or hostels) from just a few dollars to upwards of $1,000 per night. So, this site is for any budget!

trivago logoTrivago

Trivago is something that I’ve just been starting to use and I like it a lot because it is a true aggregator of hotel and hostel booking sites. It lets you compare more than 200 accommodation websites (like, Expedia, or even the hotel’s own website) in a single place.

Basically, you do a search and it’ll give you many options with the prices and you can click on the deal you like. It’ll bring you to the original website of the offer (while keeping the same price) and you can read more about the accommodation and then book it. Even if you’ve already chosen a hotel, I recommend that you check Trivago to see if you can find a discounted rate for the same hotel on another website or even a better hotel.

hostelworld logoHostelworld

Hostelworld is without a doubt the number 1 site in hostel reservations in the world, operating since 1999. I have been using Hostelworld for a long time and I’ve never run into any issues with my reservations. If you are going anywhere in the world that has a hostel, you’ll probably find this hostel listed on Hostelworld.

Just one search for Amsterdam, for example, and you’ll get nearly 70 options for hostels for all of which you can see the price, reviews from other travels, details about security, atmosphere (as in good for partying or quieter), cleanliness, and other things.

Priceline logoPriceline

Priceline is something I use a lot, especially when looking for hotels in the United States (though it can also be used to find hotels around the world). Like I mentioned with flights above, I like to use Priceline especially because of something called the “Name Your Own Price” tool. Here, you say how much you want to pay for a hotel and if they accept, you’ll get a great discount. I explain in detail how to use it on my page about accommodation.


expedia logoExpedia

Expedia is one of the largest websites for travel bookings around the world and you’ll find an impressive offering of hotels, flights, trip packages, and car rental options. As with, in some hotels, you can cancel the reservation for free.

Discount Promo Code for Expedia: LOCAL20



Agoda logoAgoda

This is a great website to find hotels, hostels, and guesthouses in Asia. They have a gigantic variety of accommodation for the region with some of the best prices. If you are going to be traveling around Asia, you should consider doing your first searches on Agoda.

This is another one of the biggest websites in the world to search for hotels. It has a great plan where with a loyalty card, you’ll get one night free after 10 nights paid. Great for travelers that want to be loyal to a single hotel booking site.



Airbnb logoAirbnb

The newest worldwide sensation in terms of accommodation for travelers is Airbnb. This website allows you to rent a room, a full apartment, or even an entire house from a local living in the place you want to visit…. kind of like a paid version of Couchsurfing.

It’s a great tool to find authentic and exclusive accommodation around the world. It can also help you save a lot of money in destinations where there aren’t many hotels or hostels or they are too expensive.

Best of all, if you sign up for Airbnb with this link here, you’ll get $25.00 free for your first stay!

And check out this article to List for short periods your Home, Apartment or Room on Airbnb. It also compares Airbnb with 3 other alternative sites to list your property.


hostelbookers logoHostelbookers

Another option for checking hostels is Hostelbookers. They don’t have as many options as Hostelworld, but if you check the same hostel on both sites, normally Hostelbookers will be a bit cheaper (often even cheaper than the hostel’s own website!). It might just be a difference of a few dollars or cents per night, but at the end of a big trip, it can make a difference.


hi hostels logoHi Hostels

Hostelling International (HI) has been around for decades and were the pioneers for the hostel system around the world. The hostels in this network have two important characteristics. First, you need to have an HI Hostels membership and pay for a card to get discounts in their hostels. The other is that the hostels associated with HI have to meet certain parameters of quality…which means they are usually quite nice. So, if this is your first time staying in hostels and you are a bit hesitant, maybe a hostel from the HI Hostel network would be the best option. However, sometimes these hostels have lots of rules that the guests have to follow.

couchsurfing logoCouchsurfing

Couchsurfing is kind of a social media where you can either “surf” (find someone who is willing to let you sleep in their house for free) or “host” (find travelers who’d like to stay with you). There are also members out there who do neither (either because they aren’t traveling or don’t have space to receive travelers) but participate in the community through events and meetups. The idea of Couchsurfing is to integrate people from different countries, cities, and regions to learn about local customs and culture from the eyes of someone who lives there.


If you’d like to read more about Couchsurfing or about the other accommodation sites mentioned above, take a look at my page about choosing the best accommodation for your trip.

Travel Insurance

*A note about travel insurance*

Time and time again I met travelers who don’t think they need travel insurance or avoid buying it to save a buck. If something happens (and trust me, there’s plenty of things that can happen), your medical costs will be far greater than that of the travel insurance you should have bought. Just google travel insurance horror stories and you’ll see why it’s not worth the risk.

world tripsWorld Trips

As far as I know, World Trips Travel Insurance is the cheapest travel insurance in existence! Any citizen of the world can use this insurance. This is the insurance that I buy if I’m going somewhere where I don’t plan on doing anything too adventurous or extreme. Really, if you find an insurance with the same amount of coverage as World Trips (Atlas Travel Plan) and even cheaper, let me know!


world nomads logo seguro de viagemWorld Nomads

World Nomads is, in my opinion, the best travel insurance in the market. It’s ideal for backpackers and adventurous travelers. If I am going “off the beaten track” or plan to do extreme sports, Nomads is my first option. If you buy the “Explorer” plan, they will cover everything! From skateboarding and diving to surfing to off-piste skiing!

By clicking on this link here ( and using the coupon code comfort5, you will get a 5% discount on your World Nomads travel insurance plan. 



SafetyWing is an innovative company that offers travel insurance with a focus on digital nomads, that is, remote workers around the world. They offer services that can be customized according to the needs and age of the client. The company was founded in 2017 and its services are 100% digital.

If you want to check out more insurance options that focus on digital nomads, I have a specific post for that here: Best Health Insurance for Digital Nomads.


Mondial logoMondial Seguros

Check this insurance for Brazilians on our Portuguese resource page.





Real Seguro Viagem LogoReal Seguro Viagem

Check about this insurance for Brazilians on our Portuguese resource page.





If you want to learn more information about the insurance companies above plus get two tips about getting travel insurance for free, take a look at my page dedicated to travel insurance.


Overland Transportation




Rail Europe logoRail Europe

This is the largest and most complete company to buy European train passes. With them, you can buy all different types of passes for all different regions of Europe and all types of possible periods and validity.




InterRail logoInterRail

This is also one of the largest sites for selling European train passes. Normally, I like to look at various companies before I buy my pass.



Eurail logoEurail

Another company to check for European rail passes. I know that rail passes aren’t cheap so I would search all three above to make sure you get the best deal.




Bahn logoBahn

This website is very good because you can search and buy train tickets for various countries in Europe, not just Germany. So, after searching on the website for the train of the country that I’m going to, I always check on Bahn to make sure I get the best price.



Voyages SNCF logoVoyages SNCF

Another good site that sells, alongside passes, tickets for those “special” routes around Europe like the Eurostar (that goes below the English Channel) and other high-speed trains around the continent.

Discount Promo Code for Voyages-sncf: WACKY25



Unknown-45 copySTC Switzerland

This a website to buy trains in Switzerland. As this alpine country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to travel by train, it’s worth taking a look to find tickets. You can also buy tickets for the famous Glacier Express!




RealRussia Experience logoRealRussia Experience

This is a very good company if you want to travel the Transiberian and don’t want all of the work of buying a ticket in Russian. You can buy tickets for all parts of the route with help in English.




Amtrak logoAmtrak

This is a train company from the United States. If you are going to travel by train in the US, this is the site you should use to search for and buy tickets. By the way, I recommend you try to do at least one train trip while in the United States because it can be an incredible experience. Besides this, especially in the Northeast of the country, sometimes traveling by train between two city centers is even faster than taking a plane!


Cheap China Trains


China Highlights 

If you need to buy train tickets within China, this website is the way to go! It’s all in English and they have good customer service as well as pricing. 



If you like trains and would like to know more about the 10 most incredible train trips in the world as well as how to do them, take a look at this article.

 Car Rental


Priceline logoPriceline

When I want to rent cars anywhere in the world, I always use Priceline. This is because, as I’ve already mentioned in the areas about flight tickets and accommodation, it lets me say what price I want to pay to rent a car!! They call this the “Name Your Own Price” tool. Besides this, it’s an aggregator so it’ll compare all of the car rental companies in the city or airport where you want to rent from. With this comparison, it guarantees you’ll get the best deal.


Rentcars 2022Rentcars

If you are Brazilian, take a look at this car rental company from Brazil on our Portuguese resource page. 





Uber logoUber

This is the new big thing in the world of urban transportation, though it’s not really a car rental company (it just didn’t really fit in anywhere else). Uber is an application that offers a service similar to a traditional taxi where people who have their own cars can register and offer rides to customers for a price. If you sign up through this link, you’ll get a free ride of up to $15! To know more about how Uber works, you can look at my article about Getting from Paulista Avenue to Guarulhos Airport for an explanation.


Lyft free credit


Lyft is Uber’s main competitor. Although not present in as many cities around the world as Uber, it does have a strong presence in a lot of American cities. So, it’s a good transportation alternative if you are traveling to the United States. This link gives you $5 in free credit for your first run with Lyft.


If you need help finding the best car rental companies, check out our article with The 5 Best and Cheapest Websites to Compare and Rent Cars Around the World!



ClickBus LogoClickbus (Brazil)

This is the biggest national website to search for bus tickets and companies that operate in Brazil. Clickbus works with more than 60 bus companies around the country. You can choose what type of service you’d like (basic, VIP, sleeping) and also choose your seat. Whether you are a Brazilian or a foreigner traveling through Brazil by bus (because there are almost no trains  ), Clickbus is your best option to search for, compare, and buy bus tickets.


Cheap bus Europe

FlixBus (Europe)

FlixBus is one of the biggest bus companies in Europe and has the biggest interurban bus network on the continent with more than 1,200 destinations in 22 countries. Just check their route map! Plus, all FlixBus buses have free wifi, outlets, and bathrooms. So if you are traveling in Europe and want to save on getting from place to place, I wouldn’t miss looking at their site to check prices. Sometimes, they even have deals as low as 1 Euro!!


Eurolines logoEurolines (Europe)

If you think traveling by train in Europe is expensive and you want to save by moving by bus, don’t forget to search Eurolines. It’s the biggest bus company in Europe and covers almost all of the countries on the old continent. And the number of cities that Eurolines covers is unbeatable, ranging from the capitals of Western Europe all the way to the Balkans.


Megabus logoMegabus (UK)

Megabus is one of those new bus companies around the world that have nice brand new vehicles and the possibility to find unbelievable deals. It covers a good part of Europe as well as the United States. So, if you’re going to be traveling in those areas, I’d take a look at the website to see if there are any special promotion. Sometimes, the promotions are so good that you can cross from the north to the south of Germany for 3 dollars!


Cruz del Sur logoCruz del Sur (South America)

Cruz del Sur is basically the first class when it comes to buses in South America. As there are minimal options for trains around the continent, you’ll probably have to travel by bus if you’re going to explore South America. If you’re looking for quality and reputable service, go with Cruz del Sur (although the prices are a little more expensive than that of the competition). They operate in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.


greyhound logoGreyhound (USA)

If you are traveling around the United States and want to save on transportation, using Greyhound buses is your best strategy. It is the biggest and most widespread American bus company, covering almost all the states of the country. Really, there’s probably not a cheaper way to cross the United States… besides hitchin’ a ride!



Greyhound Australia logoGreyhound Australia

The same thing as the original Greyhound above, but in Australia. It’s also the cheapest way to travel through Australia. Besides this, I’d say the Australian version is slightly better than the American one because you have the option of buying bus passes to explore determined “backpacker routes” in Australia for a cheap price. I used a pass like this on the West coast of Australia stopping in various places along the way and it was much cheaper than if I had purchased the tickets one by one.


If you want to know more about these types of bus passes or read more information about ground travel in general, take a look at our page focused on saving on local transportation.


For more excellent travel resource, check out this article: 33 Travel Resources: The Best Tools to Plan Your Travels


Travel Guides is the first method I use to decide where I want to go to a country, city, or place. The pages are like Wikipedia page but arranged specifically for travel. It’ll give you all of the important information about your chosen destination to help you decide if you really want to visit it and what you should see and do there. Besides this, it’ll give you other interesting information about history, geography, politics, how to arrive, transportation, culture, etc…. and best of all…. it’s free!


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the biggest and most practical travel guides out there. I like to use it whether in digital form or physical form (especially because there are places in the world where it might be difficult to recharge your electronics). The guides range from specific countries with super detailed information to larger guides for a continent like Europe or Asia, giving you more general information with just the most important points. Another thing that I like about Lonely Planet is that it doesn’t only talk just about tourist attractions, but also about the history, customs, politics, sports, and other information about the selected country or region. Besides this, the guides are focused on traveling cheaply! And don’t forget to check their online forums where you can ask specific questions about your trip destinations.  

Discount Promo Code for Lonely Planet: JUMP

Fodors logo


Fodors is another great travel guide. With a history of more than 80 years, they have an incredible knowledge of some regions of the world. Just like Lonely Planet, you’ll find information about attractions, accommodation, restaurants, activities, security tips, and more. It’s possible to buy guides specific to a country or a region, in paper or digital form. They also have an online travel forum.


Frommer's logoFrommers

Frommers is another travel guide of the same quality as the ones above. Since 1957, they’ve been producing excellent travel guides alongside a website that also has a travel forum.




Tripadvisor logoTripadvisor

Tripadvisor has become the largest travel forum and travel review website in the world. On it, you can find information about almost any destination, attraction, accommodation, or restaurant around the world. It’s also a great place to ask questions about specific destinations or check the reviews from other users about specific spots you might visit on your trip.


If you’d like to learn more about travel guides and how to prepare an itinerary for your next trip, take a look at my page about how to create a trip itinerary from A to Z.

Travel Gear


Rei logoREI

This is one of the largest companies in the world that focuses on gear for travel and outdoor activities. Much of the gear that they sell is ideal for backpackers like hiking boots, active t-shirts, backpacks, and camping tents alongside their bikes, skis, and tennis shoes. Even better, they are not a company just concerned with profits, they are also concerned about nature conservation through donations and the help of volunteers.


Amazon logo


These days it’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t know this company. It’s the largest digital retail company in the world and you can find “almost” anything there. So if you are looking for any type of gear or equipment for your trip, take a look at Amazon.

Discount Promo Code for Amazon: CYBERDASH



Ebay logoEbay

I like Ebay because it is a website that is formed with a diverse range of small, independent stores spread out around the world. So if you buy something for your trip on Ebay, your purchase can help a small digital store somewhere in the world.




Melhores Ferramentas de Viagem

Crazy Cap

As I said in the article How to Prepare Your Suitcase or Backpack for Travel and How to Save on Food and Drink while Travel, it is always good to carry a bottle on your adventures. I, in particular, use the Crazy Cap bottle which has a very nice concept. In addition to being a water storage container, like all other bottles, it is much more! Crazy Cap has an integrated UV ray system, which has the function of killing viruses and bacteria in your water. It is a simple and efficient purifier that can be used with both tap water and lakes and rivers. If that weren’t enough, it can also be used to sterilize surfaces and even kill COVID-19 in seconds! To do this, just hold your lid with the UV light on and pointing to the desired location for a few seconds, ideal for sterilizing the keys after you leave, the market purchases and the cell phone. Through this link you can find more information about Crazy Caps. They deliver worldwide!

If you want to learn more about the gear and things I bring with me on trips, take a look at my page about how to prepare your suitcase or backpack for a trip.


Loom shoesLoom

You must be very careful when choosing your shoes when packing your suitcase or backpack for travel. Something that can ruin your day is walking with wet sneakers, the uncomfortable feeling and the weight added to them is something that almost every traveler knows, and hates! Depending on your trip, a waterproof shoe is a good idea. I use Loom, which works very well on many different occasions. In addition to having a very cool style and being waterproof, it can face any environment, rain, mud, melted snow, hiking, trekking…and if all this wasn’t enough, its cushioning is super comfortable, it has anti odor technology and it is vegan!

Use this coupon and get 10% off any product on Loom’s website: OOYCZ10


Currency Exchange & International Transfers

Google Converter
Google Converter logo

This is the main tool I use to check different exchange rates. Just put in the two different currencies that you want to compare the value of. Super simple. But don’t forget, Google Converter will give you the official exchange rate at that moment, which doesn’t mean that you’ll actually be able to find that rate in a physical place to exchange. But at least you’ll know that the closer the rate you find on the street is to the one on google, the less money you are losing in the conversion.


Cotação logoCotação

To know more about this Brazilian currency exchange company, take a look at our Portuguese resources page.




Caixa Econômica Federal logoCaixa Econômica Federal

To know more about how to exchange money with great rates at this Brazilian bank, take a look at our Portuguese resources page.



Paypal logoPaypal

Paypal is a great tool to make payments online. If you’ve purchased something before on Ebay, you probably used Paypal. Plus, it can also be used to either send or receive money from abroad.




receive money from abroadXEMT

This is a new website to send and receive money from abroad. With good exchange rates, it has become an excellent and cheap alternative to those expensive bank transfers between countries. Plus, you can join XEMT for free to simulate how much you could save with your transfer. 



Transfer money abroad cheaply TransferWise

From the same creators of Skype, TransferWise is probably the cheapest way to send and receive money from abroad. So, if I were you, I would check the three options above to see which will let you send and receive money at the least cost possible. I’ve used Transfewise several times and it was much cheaper than using banks, by far!! (plus, super easy) And if you use this link here, you can make a transfer of up to $600, completely free of charge. Forget banks!

If you’d like more tips and advice about handling money and exchanging currency while abroad, take a look at my page about how to deal with money while abroad.

Plus, if you need to send or receive money from abroad, don’t miss our article with the 5 best and cheapest online companies to do international wire transfers

And remember, NEVER exchange money in an airport because they have the WORST exchange rate possible and you’ll lose a lot of money. Get foreign currency before or after you leave the airport!


Tours and Travel Packages



Intrepid travel logoIntrepid

For those that want to explore the world but don’t want to do it independently or prefer the comfort of an organized tour, Intrepid is perfect for you. They offer around 800 itineraries all over the world where you’ll travel in a small group with lots of adventure and minimal frills.



G Adventures logoG Adventures

G Adventures is the biggest company for small group travel in the world. Like Intrepid, it also focuses on adventure travel for a relatively low cost. Take a look at their hundreds of itineraries to see if anything captures your interest.




contiki logoContiki

Contiki is a company that organizes tours for groups of 18-35 years old. And let’s be honest here. If you’ve traveled with Contiki before or you have a friend that has, you already know their reputation. With Contiki, it’s not uncommon that your day of visiting tourist attractions in Europe or Australia will end on a night of partying and drinking. It’s not for no reason that some people call it Sextiki. Don’t take my word for it, just search online. This doesn’t mean that if you’re a couple that wants to explore the world and go with Contiki, you won’t have a good time. But if you are single and besides traveling also wants to meet people from other countries and party a lot, Contiki will be the ideal travel company for you.

Discount Promo Code for Contiki: PPASIALMD526

*There’s nothing wrong with group tours, just remember that you can almost definitely travel more cheaply if you do it yourself. Be sure to check out all of my links around the site to see how you can travel in the cheapest way possible.

However, if you are planning to travel in a group with a company, to miss our page with the 5 Best Small Group Tour Companies for International Travel. You will find Tour Companies for all types of travelers: solo traveler, adventure, exotic/hard-to-reach destinations, luxury, young, singles, party, family, etc.  

General Travel Resources


Google Translate logoGoogle Translate

This is the first resource I use for translations and I am constantly using it to translate words and phrases into the language that I need. Even if you are talking on the street with people who don’t speak any of the languages you do, you can communicate with Google Translator. I’ve used it in situations like asking for information or reserving an accommodation… and best of all, it’s free!



Duolingo logoDuolingo

Duolingo is a great website and app that helps you learn another language for free. You learn the language as if you are playing a video game, passing each level after you’ve correctly answered the questions in the level before. They have more than 50 courses in 23 different languages



Skype logoSkype

I know that these days there are a ton of ways to talk to people around the world for free like Facebook video chat, Facetime, Whatsapp, Google Hangout, and many more. However, I like Skype because, if I put credit on it, I can use my computer or cell phone to call any phone number in the world for a very cheap price. Useful for travel when you can’t wait for your family to respond to a message or you have to call the bank. Learn more on this page.


Best VPNs for China

4 Best and Cheapest VPNs

If you are going to China or any other country with internet censorship, you will need a VPN to be able to access your lovely social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc..) and even anything related to Google (Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, etc…). Plus, they are great to protect your personal information when accessing public Wifi. To know more about VPNs and the best and cheapest available, take a look at our special article about VPNs:

Rome2RioRome2Rio logo

This is a website that lets you search for the cheapest way to arrive from point A to point B anywhere in the world! Just put in your departure city and your destination city and it’ll give you all of the options for planes, trains, buses, boats, and cars with all the respective prices. But since the website doesn’t have all of the information for every place in the world, I use it as an addition along with my own local searches.



GoEuro travel app


GoEuro is similar to Rome2Rio but is more reliable and easier to use. It is a platform where prices and timetables for trains, buses, and planes are compared in a single search. Once you have your search results, you just click on the option of your choice and GoEuro will take you directly to the website of the train, bus, or airline you have chosen. It covers most of Europe and it makes the work of comparing all the different kinds of transportation between two cities much easier…even if they are located in different countries. 



ISIC, or International Student Identity Card, is a company that produces international cards for students. With this little card, you can get discounts in a LOT of attractions around the world. Don’t miss having one if you are a student and are traveling around the world.



Google Maps logoGoogle Maps

I use Google Maps a lot to situate myself and figure out how to arrive at my accommodation or attractions during my trips… or even in my day to day life. Now it’s even better because if you download it to your cellphone or tablet, you can use Google Maps even if you are offline!



Visa HQ logoVisa HQ

Visa HQ is a website that I use to see if I need a visa or not for a certain country. Basically, you put in your nationality, the country you are living in now, and the country you want to visit. In a matter of seconds, Visa HQ will let you if you need a visa or not. If you need one, you can also “hire” Visa HQ to get your visa for you.



Vacations to Go logoVacations to Go

This is a simple and very easy site to use to search for cruises around the world. You can put in different types of information (duration, destinations, departure points, etc.) to find exactly the type of cruise you’d like. And you can find some incredible promotions. Afterwards, just go to the website of the cruise given and buy your trip. You would be surprised how cheap cruises can be!



iHerb logoiHerb

This is a website that ships internationally and specializes in health products and food. Here, you can find more than 35,000 products from different brands including vitamins, supplements, beauty supplies, natural products, food, and much more. They ship to most countries in the world with great prices. To have an idea, when I was living in South Korea, some of the products that I purchased on iHerb and had delivered were cheaper than buying from the local supermarket! Really, it was a lifesaver. You can save $5.00 on your first purchase by using this code (JLM769) or this link:


Justhost logoJusthost

The first thing that I did when I decided to start this blog was searching what would be the best and most affordable provider to host my future website. After a lot of searching, I decided that Justhost was the best option. And after a few years, I am VERY satisfied with their services. I barely remember my website ever being offline. The customer service is exceptional and the attendants have been great and always solve my problems or concerns without extra cost. And as I mentioned, the prices are good! They begin with $2.95 per month for a basic plan. I ended up buying the PLUS packet which gave me a few more options. Really, I can’t recommend them enough if you are thinking of starting your own website/blog!


To see how to travel better, for a longer time, and for the lowest cost, just follow the items on my main page about The Art of Traveling (or backpacking ).


Important Airlines 


Here are some general airline companies that we recommend, whether they are affiliated with the blog or not.


Qatar Airways logoQatar Airways

Considered the best airline in the world for several categories, it uses its “hub” in Doha, Qatar (headquarters of the World Cup in 2022) to connect the world. The service is excellent and though you might think it is expensive, you can sometimes find really good deals!

Discount Promo Code for Qatar Airways: SUPER8


Emirates logoEmirates

This is the most famous and luxurious airlines in the Middle East. It’s based out of Dubai, UAE and if you fly with them, try to get a long layover so you can explore this emirate that is one of the fastest growing places in the world.




Etihad Black logoEtihad

Just like Emirates, Etihad is also from the United Arab Emirates. However, it operates out of Abu Dhabi, a few hours from Dubai. In terms of luxury and quality, it’s missing nothing in relation to its more famous “sister.”

 Promo discount code for Etihad: ISC12019



Cheap Flights PortugalTAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal (Transporte Aéreos Portugueses) is the national airline of Portugal. With a vast presence in Europe, Brazil, and Africa, it is an excellent airline to go from Portugal/Europe to Brazil (especially if you don’t want to make a connection in São Paulo) and to several African countries as well.



AirAsia logo


This is the largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia. It’s loved by the thousands of backpackers that clog Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries in this region every year. Like other low-cost airlines, you’ll find very cheap prices without any frills.




tigerair logoTigerair

The second largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia. Used in combination with AirAsia, it’s difficult to find a place in this region that you can’t fly for a low cost.




Norwegian logoNorwegian

It’s considered one of the best low-cost airlines in the world! It even has free internet on their flights! It covers almost all of Europe and parts of the Middle East and the United States. They’ve just begun to do Transatlantic flights from Europe to the United States with unbeatable prices alongside promotions to get the Caribbean or even as far as Thailand!



Virgin AmericaVirgin America

Just like Norwegian in Europe, Virgin Atlantic is considered one of the best low-cost airlines in the United States. The interior of their planes are incredible and the service is excellent for a low-cost company.




Wizzair logoWizzair

This is the largest low-cost airline in “Eastern Europe.” If your trip includes this region of Europe, I advise you to take a look at Wizzair’s routes.




Pegasus Airlines logoPegasus Airlines

This is the main low-cost airline in Turkey. It’s a great option if you are in Europe and you want to visit Turkey, parts of the Middle East, or the Caucuses cheaply.




Ryanair logoRyanair

This is probably one of the most hated airlines in the world! This was the first low-cost airline to really take over Europe. You can travel for incredibly cheap prices (sometimes even less than $10.00!), but if you forget any details (like printing your boarding pass, bringing a bag that’s slightly too heavy, arriving a bit late, etc..), you’ll end up getting charged probably more than what you paid for the flight in the first place. However, I’ve traveled with them many times and I’ve never had any problems… just pay attention during the booking process!


Spirit logoSpirit

This is the cheapest and most annoying airline in the United States. They charge for everything, the air you breathe soon to come. If you really want to save on flights around the US, take a look at Spirit but pay attention to the extra costs.




Southwest logoSouthwest

This is the largest low-cost airline in the world! Based in the United States, it operates mainly in the US with dozens of destinations also in Canada, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean. IMPORTANT: As far as I know, this is the only airline in the world that ONLY sells tickets on its own website. Basically, you won’t find tickets for Southwest on any other search site that isn’t In other words, if you are traveling around the US, search on the websites mentioned above (Kayak, Momondo, Priceline, etc) and then also on Southwest’s own website. Just as a side note, the service is still excellent for a low-cost airline!


Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliates of the website and that, without any additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you decide to make your purchases through them. I have personally used the majority of the companies above and they have become my preferred options simply because I have concluded that they are the best for me to continue traveling better, for more time, and for the lowest cost.

For the companies that I haven’t personally used before, they have been recommended to me after hearing testimonies from friends and family. If you are ready to book or purchase something for your trip and you’d like to support the site in some way, please use the links above so we can continue writing articles for free that’ll help you in your travels.

If you’ve used any of the companies above or have another recommendation, please leave your testimony or advice below!

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And finally, will you need to rent a car during your trip? Then surely our page with The 5 Best and Cheapest Websites to Compare and Rent Cars Around the World will help you choose the best rental car and find a good deal.


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