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  1. Ronald E Michel
    Ronald E Michel at |

    Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh, great review.

  2. Chris
    Chris at |

    Hope you liked the people, we try hard to.make all feel welcome and respected. Thank you for the work and visiting the ‘Burgh!

    1. Ray Fratto
      Ray Fratto at |

      Great article about my favorite city. My only comment is that the picture of the University of Pittsburgh is actually showing Hammerschlag Hall on the Carnegie Mellon University campus, with the Cathedral of Learning on Pitt’s campus in the background.

      1. Editor
        Editor at |

        Hey Ray!
        Thank you so much for the comment! This is also one of my favorite cities in the US. The image has already been changed and now shows the University of Pittsburgh. Again, thanks for the warning!

  3. James Peare
    James Peare at |

    No you should not visit racist ass Pittsburgh to match a delusion that never was


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