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  1. YJ
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    Hi Rodrigo,

    I am glad that I found your blog while searching for information about Mongolia. I know that you will be writing more about your Mongolia trip. However, since I will be making the trip in few weeks’ time, i wonder if you could briefly share with me about your trip itinerary, duration or expenditure.

    I intend to spend at least a month there. Some friends of mine will be joining me for 2 weeks and i thought to put together a Gobi tour. Could you also tell me more about the tour you followed and the cost?

    I have been reading up posts from others but its not as updated as yours. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Safe travel!


  2. YJ
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    Hi Nikki!

    I hope this email finds you well.

    We have ended our 10 months trip after spending the last 2 months in Mongolia. We tour the entire country (except the east) independently.

    Since our last email was focusing on Gobi, am writing to share with you our experience.

    We took a bus from UB to Dalanzadgad. There are 2 buses a day between these cities which share the same timing at 8am and 4pm. It costs about MNT22,000++ each way. The bus station in UB can be reached by public buses (MNT300 for trolley bus. MNT500 for normal bus). It takes 7 hours for ride between UB and Dalanzagdad.

    There will be travel agents waiting at both UB and Dalanzadgad bus stations offering Gobi tour. The price starts from MNT650,000/car (all inclusive except your meals and accommodation. Usually they have free tent for guests). The car is usually the modern Toyota 7 seaters with powerful aircon and CD player. If one have 6 in the group it will be good to take this tour. But there were only 3 of us.

    In Dalanzagdad, we first stayed at a ger for MNT10,000/pax. The ger is far from everything and the owner kept pestering us to sign up for her tour.

    We left the ger the next day and walked to city centre. Check ourselves into Dalanzadgad Hotel which actually has dormitory for MNT10,000/bed! Our advise is to just stay in the hotel, as you could get more authentic ger experience once you are deep in Gobi.

    While walking to the hotel, an old gentleman (77 y.o. ) approached us for tour. He has a Russian jeep. We settled for 3 days 2 nights gobi tour @ a total of MNT450,000 (exclusive on entrance fee of MNT3,000/pax and our own food. The rest were included). We visited Yol Valley (ice canyon), Khongor Sand Dune and Bayanzag (red cliff).

    He speaks little to no English but he has 25 years of experience working as tour driver previously. He let us use his tents (he has 2) for free and also lent us his cooking gear (we advise to prepare your own as he borrowed us his personal set..and always offered to eat after we are done).

    The first night we stayed in his tent. As we underestimated the Gobi summer night, we do not have sleeping bag or enough warm clothes. So the next night we asked him to bring us to a ger. We passed many tourist ger and thought he is going to bring us there. Instead, he found us a nice family with awesome authentic ger. MNT10,000/pax. The ger is facing the red cliff so we have amazing sunset view with the family camels wandering around. They offer meal for a fee but we choose to cook ourselves.

    The driver is Mr. Demberel Otgon. He can be reached at 89202985. Or his daughter at 95246868/99535413. His car can take 4 guests comfortably. During our trip, we find his car to be more suitable for the terrain in Gobi.

    There you go, voila! All in all, it costs us about USD20/day for our Gobi trip!

    Sorry for the super long mail. 🙂


  3. Eddy Imran
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    Im so glad im found you blog ot be honest.

    Just want to check with you about the tours offer by the Hostel that you mention. Are we suppose to book the room for the entire duration of the tours? of just book for one day.. then go with tour like 5 days. then continue book after the tour?

    Or how you do it in term of accomodation wise?

    You help is very very much appreciated.


  4. CJ
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    A quick question. The crossing from west Mongolia to west China. How much did it cost per person. I know the approx.costs for the Erlian – UB crossing. I was wondering if it costs almost the same?
    And I have to add This is such an amazing blog. So much useful information! Thank you guys. You are the best.

  5. thirdeyetravel
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    thanks for sharing such a amazing info about Mongolia, and all points are superb…

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hey, thank you so much for the wonderful comment! Glad to know you enjoyed the article! Let me know if you have any questions about traveling in Mongolia. 🙂


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