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  1. How to Get From Minsk Airport in Belarus to the City Center for 2 Dollars

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  2. Seetha
    Seetha at |

    Hi, I was reading your article about traveling to Belarus. I was wondering if you can elaborate on two things some more.

    First, ‘Have medical insurance (travel insurance is fine) with a minimum coverage of 10 thousand Euros. This can be purchased at a kiosk next to the airport’s passport control (bring Euros or US dollars with you to buy). My article here has a bunch of tips and cheap travel insurance options you can buy online that will also be accepted in Belarus’

    Do you have roughly an idea of how much it cost from the kiosk?

    Secondly, ‘Have enough money or proof of funds of at least 25 € for each day of your stay’

    How would you do this? Do you need to physically show the money? How would you show proof of fund?

    Thank you!

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  4. Julie Cowan
    Julie Cowan at |

    Hi there.
    You’ve included such a lot of detail which is helpful; however, I am wanting to take public trans from Brest to Grodno and from the search I’ve done so far it seems crazy to catch a train as there are no decent routes according to the official site and as far as buses, I cannot seem to find schedules etc… and you didn’t include info as far as I can see on your transport info.
    If you have any details I would very much appreciate that.

  5. Larissa
    Larissa at |

    Oi Rodrigo, tudo bem? Estou com dúvida em relação à essa parte de entrar e sair do país. Além de brasileira tenho cidadania italiana e normalmente viajo com esse passaporte na europa, independente de ser UE ou não. Estou pensando em entrar pela Polonia em Grodno e sair por Minsk para Vilnius, ambos por terra, é possível ou tenho que ir pelo aeroporto? Isso que fiquei na dúvida.
    Outra coisa, tranquilo pra mulher viajando sozinha?

  6. Polina
    Polina at |

    Hello there!
    I don’t have a question, bus just wanted to say thank you for such a great article! I am planning a trip to Belarus in a week’s time, and the detail of your text has been of great help!

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