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  1. anne geron
    anne geron at |

    what a great post, this will help me a lot since i plan to hike here when i come this January.

  2. wellpressedwords
    wellpressedwords at |

    Thanks to your guide we completed this same trail!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Great post! We used this guide to get to Baegundae Peak.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    so useful your directions for Bukhansan. Great day today! Thanks

  5. David Cahill
    David Cahill at |

    Hi Rodrigo,
    Love your Blog.
    My wife and I are in our 60’s and we will be setting off around the world next year not quite backpacking as such but organising it ourselves with only two flights, Oz to Tokyo & Vancouver to Oz, the rest of our adventure from east to west will be overland or water.
    South Korea: Can anyone help with a map/schedule for buses in Seoul.
    China: Current map Beijing Subway.
    Any comments or advice on the other regions/countries we will be in would be welcome.
    Japan; SK; China: Central Asia; Russia; Nordic; Nth Europe; UK; Ireland; USA; Mexico & Canada.
    Thanks in advance.
    Keep writing great blogs.

  6. Katie Diederichs
    Katie Diederichs at |

    Thanks for this detailed description of this hike! Those red fall leaves are just stunning!

    1. Nikki @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Nikki @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hiking in Korea is probably the one thing I miss the most about living there, so I hope you get to enjoy the hike yourself 🙂

      And though the red leaves of fall are stunning, it can be quite lovely in the winter as well (although I think some of the trails are closed)

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Very helpful post, the hike was amazing!

  8. alamin
    alamin at |

    I really loved the in depth guide on hiking bukhansan. I have hiked in summer. Autumn color looks stunning. Those photos are amazing.


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