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  1. Sabs
    Sabs at |

    So happy I came across your blog after weeks of looking online! Very helpful for my trip in July 2017! Thank you

    1. Nikki @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Nikki @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Sabs!

      Glad to hear it helped you 🙂

      Best sure to check out our other articles about China for your trip. We haven’t written anything else about Mongolia, but hopefully we will soon.

      Please let us know if you have any questions… otherwise, have a great trip!!

  2. Degi
    Degi at |

    Very helpful. Thanks a lot. The article is written so clear and comprehensive. 😉

  3. VaKo
    VaKo at |

    Hi, thanks a lot for your article, it really helps us for our trip planning.

    Just one question: Apparently there is no way to book the bus from Beijing to Erenhot online in advance. We heard that at the airport, it can cause problems if you don’t have your return ticket to leave China, when entering the country.

    Do you have any advice? Should we ask for our Visa without having a return ticket?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  4. Florence
    Florence at |

    Hi Rodrigo, thank you for this article. I did this journey from 3/6/18-6/6/18. YES – the ticket office was closed when I was there. I found out the hard way… I arrived and someone led me across the road, up a dirt driveway, and there was a bus and the ticket office was a converted shipping container with four bunk beds in with men sleeping in it and one guy was in his underpants… At first I ran off and went back to the real ticket office but the guard outside shoo-ed me away. So do not be alarmed if you are led to a shipping container. I have NO idea what was happening with the real office as no one spoke any English and I do not understand any Chinese. The guy in his undies was the bus driver. I paid 230 yuan even though I pointed at the printout of your blog but he did not bargain on the price. I met a German guy in Zaamin Uud and he paid 220 yuan. Also, as an option for other travellers, once you get to the square at Zaamin Uud, you may be offered a taxi ride to UB. I didn’t do it this way as I wanted to experience the train, but the asking price is 50,000 tugrik (someone told me). Thank you for an awesome article!

    1. Nikki @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Nikki @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Florence,

      Thanks so much for the info! I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t quite go as planned (but at least you still made it to Mongolia!). I think I’d be pretty alarmed if I had to buy a ticket from some guy in his underwear too haha.

      We heard from a reader on the Portuguese side of the blog that the Muxiyuan Bus Station is now out of service….so it’s interesting that you were still able to purchase tickets from a place nearby.

      Did you run into anyone else who had this same experience? I’m just curious if that secondary ticket office is going to be more permanent (in which case we can update that on the article itself), or if it was just a weird one-time thing.

      Good tip on the option to get to UB from Zaamin Uud. Although, like you, I think the train is definitely an experience worth having 🙂

      Thanks again Florence!

  5. Luis
    Luis at |

    Hey I remember this helped me late 2019, I just wanna say you can buy a ticket that goes to Zaamin Uud from Beijing, it’s at the same bus terminal. The journey was the same as yours except when I arrived in Erenhot the driver told me to get out and return in a few hours, after which we drove to Zaamin Uud and stopped in front of the train station.


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