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  1. Eder Wen
    Eder Wen at |

    Olá, Rodrigo! Seu site é excelente, parabéns pelo trabalho!

    Você acredita ser possível fazer esse trajeto entre Shangri La e Litang em fevereiro, durante o inverno? Imagino essas estradas à beira das montanhas cobertas de neve e gelo. Tenho 10 dias para ficar na região de Shangri La e pensei em fazer o trajeto até Chengdu conhecendo as vilas tibetanas pelo caminho. O que você acha? Obrigado!

  2. Yuli
    Yuli at |

    Thanks guys!

  3. Martin Timperley
    Martin Timperley at |

    Hello! Thanks for the useful post. We will be doing the overland trip from Shangri-La to Litang (and on to Chengdu). Just wondering how you found the safety of the bus trip? Did the drivers speed? Thanks

  4. Andrew Ritchie
    Andrew Ritchie at |

    I did this trip but wrongly decided to stay overnight in Xiangcheng. The next day they wouldn’t sell me a bus 🚌 ticket so had to stay an extra night. The next morning I arrived first at the ticket office & they still wouldn’t sell me a ticket. This was obviously very stressful as I was travelling alone & felt trapped. After making a bit of a drama outside the bus station I bought a ticket 🎫 on the street with the help of the owner of my B&B. Don’t know if this was a normal con for tourists but I was glad to get out of there. Even though the ticket 🎫 was more expensive and it was the back seat over the rear axle (the most uncomfortable seat on the bus). The shared car/taxi option is definitely the way to go! 😆


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