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    This way tooo cool! Next time I have time to do this i will. But for now, my challenge is to get from Subotica to Villany, Hungary. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Rodrigo!!

    First of all, I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is great.. .my favorite post is about the toilet paper. Definitely true as a traveler.

    I also wanted to let you know that I tried this trek last week and it didn’t go quite as planned. I arrived at the train station in Subotica around 6:40 AM and was told that there was no train to Kikinda. The lady didn’t speak English and there was no one else around so I couldn’t confirm if the train wasn’t running just that day because it was broken or something or if it was no longer running permanently. Instead, she told I would have to go to the bus station to find a bus to Kikinda.

    Ultimately, I ended up getting to Timisoara but it took quite a bit longer because the bus to Kikinda didn’t leave until later so I ended up missing all of my other train connections.

    I can give you the specifics (price and time) of the schedule that I ended up following, if you like?

  3. Malisevic Dina
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    Hi! Your post is amazingly helpful since I’m stuck in Romania and trying to get back to my hometown, Subotica after being away for 7 months from my family. Do you know of any suggestions on how to travel from Targu Mures to Subotica?


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