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    This way tooo cool! Next time I have time to do this i will. But for now, my challenge is to get from Subotica to Villany, Hungary. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Rodrigo!!

    First of all, I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is great.. .my favorite post is about the toilet paper. Definitely true as a traveler.

    I also wanted to let you know that I tried this trek last week and it didn’t go quite as planned. I arrived at the train station in Subotica around 6:40 AM and was told that there was no train to Kikinda. The lady didn’t speak English and there was no one else around so I couldn’t confirm if the train wasn’t running just that day because it was broken or something or if it was no longer running permanently. Instead, she told I would have to go to the bus station to find a bus to Kikinda.

    Ultimately, I ended up getting to Timisoara but it took quite a bit longer because the bus to Kikinda didn’t leave until later so I ended up missing all of my other train connections.

    I can give you the specifics (price and time) of the schedule that I ended up following, if you like?

  3. Malisevic Dina
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    Hi! Your post is amazingly helpful since I’m stuck in Romania and trying to get back to my hometown, Subotica after being away for 7 months from my family. Do you know of any suggestions on how to travel from Targu Mures to Subotica?

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    It’s sad to say, but this information above is obsolete. Since 2016-2017 there is no more train-connection from Kikinda to Jimbolia. Tou can take a taxi, (will cost about approx. 2800 Dinar/€ 25). From Vrsac to Stamora Moravita, there’s also no more train, so it’s has become very hard to travel from Serbia to Romania. The only chance is travel to Subotica, (from Novi Sad no trains until the renovation of the railway-tracks will be finished, not earlier then 2025-2026!), take a train or bus to Szeged. From Szeged there are 2 Flixbus-connections to Arad (1 of them drives further to Timisoara). From Zrenjanin the trip to Timisoara would be easier to do than from Beograd.


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