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  1. 1 day Ceuta, Spain Itinerary: Visit Europe….in Africa? | The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] As if Ceuta isn’t unique enough on its own, there’s one more city in this exact same geopolitical situation — the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Melilla, like Ceuta, is also located on Morocco’s Mediterranean Coast. It’s about a 4-5 hour ferry from Málaga. […]

  2. The 5 Cheapest Ways to Receive, Send, and Transfer Money Abroad

    […] are from any country in the world….The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, India, etc… So, let’s get […]

  3. 6 Day Malaga, Ceuta & Gibraltar Itinerary (2019 UPDATED)

    […] an autonomous Spanish enclave located on the African continent, surrounded on 3 sides by the Mediterranean sea, and the […]

  4. 🏅Un día en Ceuta que ver. ▷ Lo que no te puedes perder

    […] Como si Ceuta no fuera lo suficientemente única por sí sola, hay una ciudad más en esta misma situación geopolítica: el enclave español de Melilla. Melilla, como Ceuta, también se encuentra en la costa mediterránea de Marruecos. Se trata de un ferry de 4-5 horas desde Málaga . […]

  5. Pete
    Pete at |

    You’d be mad to take that advice……firstly the bus is just outside the exit….the train is a walk and then queuing for a ticket. Again when in Malaga the bus is more convenient as your straight out on the street….the train station exit is anothe walk.


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