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  3. Maxence
    Maxence at |

    Hi ! I read your (really nice) article about Litang. I want to ask you few questions if it doesn’t disturb as I want to rent a motorcycle as well to discover the area. What are the required documents to hire a motorcycle ? What kind of motorcycle they provide you ? Thanks in advance for the answer !

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Maxence! Thank you for the question!

      Do you mean hiring a motorcycle in Litang and then explore the region the way we did? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. I think I just showed my Brazilian drivers license and they let me rent it. “Longlife” from the Peace Guesthouse helped with the communication. But I’m sure that, wherever you are, the people on your hostel or hotel can help you with that.

      As far as I remember, they only had those kinds of scooters without gear or 125cc kind of motorcycle. Nothing too fancy. But they were enough to explore the region. I highly recommend it!

      Please let me know if you have more questions!

      Good luck with your travel planning to Litang!

  4. Maxence
    Maxence at |

    Thanks a lot for your reply !

    Indeed, it sounds really amazing. My main concern is that I don’t have any driving license but I have driven small motorbikes as 125cc in many countries (Ethiopia, India, Thailand, Vietnam…) where I could hire one of these vehicles even though I had no license. Do you think I will be possible ? Have you been controlled by the police during your motorbike trip ?

    Thanks for the reply once again 🙂

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Do you have a driving license for cars? I’m really making an effort to try to remember if they asked my driver’s license or not. I can’t actually confirm to you if they did. Maybe they didn’t ask for anything.

      You could possibly just show some kind of paper or document that looks like something official and to be honest, they won’t even care.

      No, nobody stopped us or controlled us. I didn’t drive much inside the city. It was more on the road to the explore the region. Inside the city I mostly walked. And that’s where you have more “Chinese” police to control the Tibetan population.

      So, I think you will be mostly fine. Again, just let me know if you have more questions!

  5. Maxence
    Maxence at |

    Once again, thank you a lot for all these precise information !

    Following your replies, I will definitely try to hire one. If you have any advice or recommendation for a one day or multiple days itinerary, please let me know.


    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      No worries Maxence! It was my pleasure! Glad to help.

      Yes, you should definitely do it. I’m almost sure everything will work out.

      The Holy Mountain just before Litang is a good place to visit with the motorcycle. Passing the Litang, there is also a nice “gate” to the city. All the pictures are in the article.

      Enjoy your trip!

  6. Rob
    Rob at |

    As far as I know tourists are not allowed driving (a car) in China. Unless you have a Chinese driving licence. An International driving licence is not accepted.
    You rented a motorcycle… Is driving a motorcycle officially allowed for non-chinese?

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Rob! Thanks for the question!

      There is a lot of misinformation about renting cars in China. Apparently, you can actually rent a car in China depending on the airport you are picking up your car and what kind of driver’s license you have….even without an international driver’s license! This post here has some good information about it: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294211-i642-k9919826-Driving_Rental_Car_in_China_DO_IT-China.html

      As far as Litang, there was almost no control there. I don’t even remember showing my Brazilian driver’s license to rent the scooter. It’s just a scooter, so they are fine renting for you if you show you can handle it. I can’t tell if in big cities that would be the case. But in the countryside, things are more relaxed.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Rodrigo
    Rodrigo at |

    Hello and thank you for your awesome blog!
    I am planning to travel in Yunnan (Kunming-Shangri La)
    Unfortunately I found out about this way to go back to Chengdu too late! but I still want to try it!
    I just have about 4 days available and I am considering this option instead of taking a flight from Shangri La to Chengdu Can I bother you with a few questions?
    Do you think traveling during January is feasible or would it be too cold?
    And do you think is worth to take this route just stoping one day in Litang?

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