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  1. Ana Panizo
    Ana Panizo at |

    Hi! My name is Ana, and I am from Spain. I am interested in visiting Peru and Arequipa in the near future, and had a few questions. Which bus companies do you recommend, starting at Lima? I’ve heard one of the best is Cruz del Sur, but are there any other good alternatives. Is the redbus.pe web or app any good? There aren’t many search apps in Latin America, and i wanted to give it a try. How many days do you think would be ok for staying in Arequipa? I am staying a week or so, so any feedback as to how distribute my time would be awesome. Keep the blog up! it is very informative 🙂

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Ana, how are you? Sorry for the delay but I was on the road. 🙂

      Cruz del Sur is definitely the best one. I’ve used them to go from Lima to Trujillo and it was amazing (food, personnel movies, nice big seats, etc…). However, it was one of the most expensive. If you want to save, there are a lot of bus options to travel around Peru with different prices and different levels of comfort.

      I know that the website rebus.pe is usually good. I used to use the Busportal.pe but it was bought by Redbus. I’ve never used the app, but I guess it’s the same.

      Alternatively, you can also go to the bus terminals in town (Lima, Arequipa, etc…), research with each company and buy the ticket there. That’s how I used to do in the “old days.” You might even find some cheaper options this way, since some locals still buy the tickets in person.

      Well, in Arequipa itself there’s not that many things to do. It’s more around Arequipa. One of the options is the Misti Volcano. The other and highly recommended is the Colca Canyon (https://wikitravel.org/en/Colca_Canyon).

      So I would not spend that much time in Arequipa but more use the city as a base to visit these other attractions.

      Thanks! I’m glad to know you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any more questions.

      In case you are going to Machu Picchu and want to save with the train, our other article about Peru might interest you: https://www.outofyourcomfortzone.net/how-to-get-from-cusco-to-machu-picchu-for-less-than-31-soles-or-10-usd/

      Good luck with your trip!

  2. Kasia
    Kasia at |

    The biggest base of trainers in Poland 🙂

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Kasia, thank you for the message. Maybe you would like to post this in our article about How to Become a Ski & Snowboard Instructor.

      All the best!


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