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  1. Doreen
    Doreen at |

    Coming from the cruise terminal in St. Maarten, can you give me the exact street corner where the bus stops on its way to Maho. Thanks

  2. 8c8a8m8m8y
    8c8a8m8m8y at |

    What kind of currency does the bus take – US dollars and quarters? Exact change? Thanks

  3. Ron Claros
    Ron Claros at |

    Rodrigo – what a great web page! Thank you! BTW, does anyone know if there’s been any major changes POST-COVID-19? Are the buses still operating as usual? Are masks mandatory to ride the buses? Same price? $2.50US. Any input is appreciated – I’m planning to visit in the short future… thx again!

  4. Tim
    Tim at |

    Thank you. I searched hours to find the exact Maho to Philipsburg route to catch a bus from the Maho/Simpson Beach area to Philipsburg. Yours is the only map I could find. Thank you for taking the time to prepare and post it.

  5. Kasia
    Kasia at |

    Rodrigo I cannot believe it’s you! Not sure if you remember me from Australia 🙂 but so glad that I found your post as I’m coming alone to St Martin next month for a day with my nearly 2 year old. He is very much planes obsessed so obviously we have to head to Maho beach. Do you you the bus trip is doable with a toddler?

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  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Hi there, my husband and I are wanting to take one of the public bus transportations to Maho beach, but would it be easy to find public transpiration from Maho beach to the Toppers Rhum Distillery and the find something from the distillery back to the cruise port? Thanks In advance!

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