The Positive Influence of Traveling on the Development of Creative Thinking in Education

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There are so many young people who love traveling. Students are willing to spend their free time, and have few breaks during a year to go someplace else. Planning a trip could be very challenging, and yet rewarding. 

Going on a trip could be very exciting and inspiring for students, so this is absolutely a must to do. Travel could actually make a huge difference if you are the kind of person you are now and significantly grow you.  But where to go, who to go with and what are exact benefits of having is something for us to talk about. 


Developing of critical and creative thinking

Whenever we go abroad, even for fun and for a short time, we constantly expand our limits. Even if everything is booked and planned in advance, there is always something that goes wrong during the trip. No wonder that the travel industry is defined as a high-risk one. Hence, these are the moments where you cannot stand and do nothing, sometimes the decisions are required.

Whether it is the delayed flight that made you miss the next transportation, or the hotel that accidentally canceled your reservation, there is some creativity and decision-making required. In addition, there were so many cases that professors could use student’s trips for benefits too.

How often did you hear a teacher giving an assignment on the summer break the students have? Of course, we still need to make sure that the paper is authentic with an online plagiarism checker to be sure about the creativity.

Students are mostly free to create an assignment piece with no limitations and, sometimes, even requirements. This is a great example of how the education system is working back to back with student’s personal life experiences like trips. It could as well be a whole project dedicated to, for instance, laws of the specific country you visited, if this is a Legal assignment. Or, as well as local writers and authors if this is an English Literature class.

There are so many ways to turn student travels into a productive cooperation between educational institutions and students themselves. This is exactly how the synergy is supposed to be for students to get the most out of their college and university, too. To get all the necessary knowledge and delight.


Non-stop networking during trips

Of course, this benefit would work better if you traveled by yourself and in some cases would be forced to interact with other people. But, as a matter of fact, even introverts tend to communicate more during the trips rather than during a normal daily life.

The reason for that is there is nothing better than getting to know a new culture through the local people. No matter how many guides you read, how many review-videos you watch about a curtain country or city, you could only get to really know only through new meetings.

There is no need to go way out of your comfort zone and try to talk to each stranger you meet on the street. Although, it would be beneficial to have little conversations in coffee shops while you are in the line, or with the waiter where you are having lunch. I am sure there are many local people who would be proud to tell you about their hometown and ancient traditions from their perspective.

On the other hand, most of them would be pleased to hear about your own country and how everything functions there. It is significant for your personal growth to be open minded and not be scared of other people starting a conversation with you.

Long story short, such experience would not only be advantageous for your education, but also for your personal growth. They would help to be more socialized and bring you more understanding of how to start off with some people.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight the importance of a person’s diversified development. Travel could be a great way for that. There is no such thing that would bring you so much joy and development at the same time.

As a student, you have a unique chance of spending quality time with yourself or your loved ones while exploring new lands and continents. It is very common to take a gap year off studying and dedicate it to traveling.

Even though it could seem like a waste of time for some adults, that is exactly what brings lots of value, courage and inspiration. This is a call to use the student time for traveling and looking back.


Author’s Bio

Mary Spears specializes in educational system and student development. Mary has created several articles and posts about students, their challenges and choices. Mrs. Spears also has her own column on education in a local newspaper.


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