Travel Blogging for Beginners: Dos and Don’ts if You’re in College

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So, you are a student in college who has developed a passion for traveling. Are you thinking about starting a travel blog so that you can earn some pocket money? Well, you might wonder how you can combine managing a travel blog and pursuing your academic goals at the same time. Both college and a travel blog require your attention, effort, dedication, and commitment.

So, how can you share your time between these two? What are some tips and tricks you can apply so that you can succeed at both? What are some dos and don’ts you need to be aware of? How to start a travel blog? Well, these might be some of the questions that have already started running through your head. Continue reading to find the answers.



Prioritizing College

Well, one of the first things you need to do is to think about your priorities. Travel Blogging is indeed an attractive career as it gives you the opportunity to work from everywhere. And if you have a passion for writing and traveling, this is like a dream job.

However, as you still are a college student, you need to know what your priorities are. College helps you boost your skills and expand your knowledge so that you can apply these in your traveling and blogging too. However, you may not always have the time to take care of both of them, as both college and blogging are demanding. You often get the help of an online service with top writers who can write essay for me online. As education is quite crucial, your academic progress will not be at risk if you get the help of a professional online service. You get a well-written paper and for some time, you can focus on writing articles for your blog or a city break.


Having a Laptop

One of the things you need to do if you want to start your travel blog is to have a laptop. This is, of course, useful for any student. During college, you have many academic assignments to complete. No matter if they are essays to write or group projects to work on, you need a laptop to do it. And it is the same with traveling and blogging at the same time.



So, you need a lightweight and portable laptop you can carry with you everywhere. To meetings with colleagues, but also when you travel to other countries. Actually, traveling is an enlightening experience but it takes time. So, having your laptop with you every time will help you complete your academic assignments and write the articles for your travel blog. Both of these take time so whenever you will have some free time, like waiting for the plane at the airport or commuting by bus, you can use your laptop easily.


Managing Time

The skill you need to learn how to craft is time management. Managing a traveling blog might seem facile, but it takes a lot of time. Besides writing the articles, you also need to proofread and edit them, but also adapt the format to the one on your website. You need to add photos and make everything look eye-candy and attractive. You need to make sure your text follows the best SEO practices, but that you also promote your traveling blog on social media.



Also, you need to actually travel to those places, explore, take pictures, taste the local food, and so on. Besides this, you need to attend classes and complete all your assignments. The time we each have in a day is limited and taking breaks is essential. So, you need to learn how to manage your time effectively so that you meet the demands of college and take travel blogging to another level.



Don’t Rush Things

One of the many mistakes students do when they start their travel blog is rushing things. Everyone wants to have success and make traveling their main activity and career. However, the market is saturated with travel bloggers, so you need to do it right. Even so, success does not come overnight, so it is crucial to not rush things, be patient, and take the time you need to build your traveler image.


Final Thoughts

Becoming a travel blogger is something many students dream of. If you like writing and traveling, this is the perfect combination of these two. However, pursuing your studies is essential too, as you develop a lot of skills and expand your knowledge. They will help you learn how to make your blog successful. Do not rush things and be patient. Success will come if you are dedicated, committed, and persevering. Learn how to manage your time efficiently and make sure you have a highly portable and lightweight laptop.


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Mary Spears is a content writer and blogger. She is passionate about traveling and this is her dream: becoming a travel blogger. She would like to visit Asia and start with Bali, an Indonesian island.

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