10 Must-Haves on Your Hunting Checklist

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Hunting may sound exciting and might get you all worked up. However, a lot of preparation goes into planning this activity. 

The last thing you want to happen while you are out on a hunting adventure is to realize that you have forgotten to pack an essential item. 

That is why following a checklist is recommended when preparing and packing for a hunting adventure. 

These are 10 must-haves on your hunting checklist. Remember to pack these the next time you go hunting. 


10 Must-Haves on Your Hunting Checklist


10 Must-Haves On Your Hunting Checklist 

Here are 10 of the essential items that you must pack when you go on your hunting adventures. 


   1. Weapon 

Your weapon is an essential item you should pack when hunting. How do you expect to go about hunting if you don’t pack it? 

You can take a weapon of your choice for your hunting trip. Ensure that it is up to the task so that you will be successful in your hunting trip. 

Ensure your weapon is maintained a few weeks before the hunting trip. Stock up on ammunition and check that your arrowheads have not rusted. Replace any frayed bowstrings, if required. 


   2. Pocket Knife  

Pocket knives can be of great help when going hunting. They are portable, so you don’t have the extra burden of carrying a bulky knife. 

You might need your pocket knife to dig out small holes or cut down branches while hunting. It is also helpful to create a blind when skinning a harvested animal. 

Hunters generally carry two or more knives, each meant for specific tasks. However, if you don’t want to carry extra weight, a sturdy multi-purpose pocket knife is more than enough. 


   3. Decoys 

Decoys are helpful because they can bring animals closer to you. It helps you to get a clean shot at the animals when they are closer to you. Therefore, decoys help increase your chances of successful hunting. 

Various decoys may work differently depending on certain times of the season. Some may work better than others in certain conditions.  

For instance, estrus deer decoys are very effective during the peak of the rut. It could also be effective if a second rut occurs. 


   4. Camouflaged Clothing 

Is essential for hunting because it keeps you away from any animal’s sight. It makes it easy for you to hunt prey due to less visibility by surrounding animals. 

You can hide behind a tree and aim at your prey. The animal wouldn’t notice you lurking behind the tree because you blend with the surroundings. 

Ensure you choose clothes to suit the weather conditions when you are hunting. Choose heavy-layered clothes when hunting in the cold and thinner clothes during the height of the summer. 


   5. Scent-Free Boots 

Animals have ways of detecting that they are about to become prey for humans. One vital signal that they get is from your scent. 

Animals can tell that you have followed a particular trail by the scent you leave behind. Therefore, invest in scent-free boots that will not leave any traces for animals to identify that you have been slinking around in the neck of the woods. 

Wearing boots is essential to keep your leg and feet from hurting them, such as creatures or prickly items that could be lying on the ground.



   6. Scent Killer  

A scent killer is a must-have when you go hunting. As you already know, animals can recognize hunters lurking around by their scent. Therefore, a scent killer will eliminate any lingering smell that could warn your prey. 

You should also use scent killer on things you cannot wash using detergent. These include weapons, knives, decoys, and other hunting gear. 


   7. Flashlight 

A flashlight is an essential item to have when you go hunting. You must have it with you as you will be passing dark spaces where you’ll need the brightness of a flashlight to move forward. 

Flashlights help you follow the path in the wood by illuminating the space in front of you. Make sure to check your flashlight batteries before hunting and also have spares with you. 

A headlamp will be ideal as it can keep your hands free. Ensure a good flashlight or headlamp with enough brightness to serve the purpose. 


   8. Trail Camera 

Trail cameras help you to locate animals by tracing their whereabouts. You can keep trail cameras along the track you assume the animal would follow. 

A suitable location to keep trail cameras is near food sources. Animals usually frequent these locations where they come for food and water. Therefore, it can help you to successfully hunt your prey once it comes to the expected site. 


   9. Rain Gear 

Some of the best hunting opportunities arise in inclement weather conditions. The rain keeps animals from identifying you because of low visibility associated with misty conditions. 

The rain also washes away traces, such as your scent, that might help animals identify that a hunter is lurking nearby. 

Ensure to shop for rain gear specifically made for hunting. It could up your chances of successful hunting in inclement weather. 


   10. Blinds And Stands 

Stands and blinds allow you to be covered by your prey. You can stay hidden from prey when they come into your hunting range. 

These days you get camouflaged blinds and stands in the market that can be easily set up with the minimal hassle. 


Hunters Checklist: Other Things To Have 

10 Must-Haves on Your Hunting Checklist


Here are some other essential items you must take with you on your hunting trip. 


  • License 
  • Small hand saw 
  • Game bag 
  • Multi-tool kit 
  • Rope 
  • Duct tape 
  • Rubber bands 
  • Large duct tape 
  • Gloves 
  • Bow/arrows 
  • Binoculars 
  • Game calls 
  • Orange flagging ribbon to mark the trail 
  • Maps 
  • GPS 
  • Compass 
  • Food 
  • Water 
  • Medication 
  • First aid kit 
  • Mobile phone 
  • Cash (minimum $20) 
  • Toilet paper 
  • Emergency blanket 
  • Waterproof matches/ lighter 
  • Tent for shelter (if required) 
  • Camp stove 
  • Lightweight sleeping bag 


Depending on your hunting scope, you should also take different types of weapons and firearms, including handguns. Also, ensure that you have the correct bullet types for each weapon.  




The above items are must-haves on your hunting checklist. Remember to take them on your next hunting trip. It will be helpful to make your hunting trip a success. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

“What Clothes Do You Need For Hunting?” 

Ensure to take clothes and accessories for warm and cool weather conditions, including hats, gloves, boots, thick socks, jackets, undershirts, coats, and pants. 


“What Is The Best Thing To Hunt For Beginners?”

The best prey for beginners in hunting are raccoons, pheasants, turkeys, and rabbits. 


“What Are The Hardest Animals To Hunt?”

Lions, leopards, and other big cats like tigers are some of the hardest and most challenging animals to hunt. 


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