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    There’s no argument that social media has changed the way we consume information. While the primary goal for social media is to allow us all to connect with friends, family, and build career relationships, it has proven to do that and then some. And TikTok is slowly but surely leading the pack.

    Whether you’re a TikTok connoisseur or new to the short-form video app world, you know that there are plenty of trends and challenges that go viral almost every day. And while many of these viral videos showcase how talented TikTok creators are, the Color Personality Test is changing the game. So it’s time to answer the obvious question: What is the Color Personality Test on TikTok?

    The Color Personality Test is similar to other tests you may have taken.
    While all of us would say that we know ourselves inside and out, personality tests still appeal to us for many reasons. Not only are these tests always on trend, but they’re also a great way to learn something new about yourself — if you trust the algorithms behind these tests, of course.


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      Hi, thank you for the tips. Hopefully it will help some other readers! Take care!


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