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  1. 7 Best Party Islands to Visit in Greece - The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] you recently finished school or college and are looking for a place to visit where you can make the most of your youth? Do you want to visit all of the best party islands while […]

  2. Cheapest Countries To Travel In That Are Backpacker Friendly 2023

    […] certainly cannot talk about the cheapest countries of 2023 in Asia and not include Thailand! Phuket is the perfect place to visit post covid and was actually the first part of the country to reopen to international tourism. This backpacker […]

  3. The Ultimate 1 Day Itinerary in London, England - The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] When you consider how much there is to see and do in London, it’s almost blasphemous to suggest that a one-day trip could do the city justice. It is, after all, one of the world’s best places to visit after Covid! […]

  4. 5 Top Tips for Responsible Tourism During the Pandemic

    […] like there is plenty of space around. But now that your packing up and can’t go anywhere (even if only for a little while), make the most out of this situation by thinking about how much better things would be with some […]

  5. 4 Important Destination Safety Points to Check When Planning a Vacation

    […] Top places to visit after Covid include  […]

  6. 4 Most Common Hospitality & Tourism Jobs - Career 101

    […] COVID-19 significantly impacted the hotel sector, as it did on many others throughout the world. 2020 was the worst year for travel since records began due to global lockdowns. The epidemic cost the tourism sector $4.5 trillion and 60 million jobs worldwide.  […]

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