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  1. One Thing American Cities Need More of: Botanical Gardens - The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] when it comes to botanical gardens here, the NYBG, Brooklyn’s Narrows, Queens BG, and the 6BC in Manhattan are just a few of the many botanical gardens where residents of this beautiful city can spend a […]

  2. 5 Best Places for Expats to Work Abroad in the US - The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] New York is the largest metropolitan area in the United States, home to more than 20 million people of different cultures and languages. The city of New York has attracted people across the country and around the world for the vast number of opportunities available here. Despite the high cost of living, the city continues to draw people from all walks of life because it’s hard to resist New York’s unique charm.  […]

  3. How to Get a Table at One of NYC's Most Expensive Restaurants? - The Art of Backpacking & Adventures to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    […] Cruz – Caza Cruz is a stunning restaurant located between the Park and Madison Avenues in New York. The restaurant comprises five floors with bars and a dining room, a rooftop terrace, and special […]

  4. The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Weekend In New York | My Beautiful Adventures

    […] want to go. Try to group places and sights together according to location. This will enable you to reduce travel time. Check opening times and ticket options online. You can often save money by booking online or […]

  5. Perfect 9-Day Serbia Itinerary - Places and Attractions

    […] beaten track location recently. The trip exceeded all my expectations, and I have returned home to New York enriched by all that I experienced in […]

  6. Top 9 Perfect Things to Do in New York City

    […] pick your favorite activity. Maybe you see a lot of New York through movies and all that, but some tips to know before visiting New York City can be quite […]

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