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  1. goatcrazygoat
    goatcrazygoat at |

    Thank you very much for this super useful guide. This country look amazing and the google map 5-7-10 days itineraries tou shared look very interesting. We are planning to go to Tunisia very soon, but we just read that there are many regions that are very risky to visit. May I ask you when you went there (I see the post is from the 8th of august 2022, but not sure if it was posted just after your trip)? I read that as of today the middle south region of the country is risky and is part of a military exclusion zone and it is unadvised to visit places like Tataouine and Tozeur among many others.
    Thank you very much for your help and have a great day!

  2. RiyaM
    RiyaM at |

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks so much for info about your recent trip. I’m planning a trip from England to Tunisia for next Feb. I’ll be there for about 9 days for some history research. Based on your trip, how much do you think I should budget for (not including flight tickets!)? Thanks for any help!

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  4. amanda
    amanda at |

    This is an amazing resource and I cannot thank you enough! I planning my trip to Tunisia in March in the middle of a longer trip. The 7 day tour looks pretty perfect to me. It looks like you did not visit Hotel Sidi Idriss, the site of Luke’s Home with his Aunt and Uncle? Is there a reason? I was supposed to go to Tunisia in 2020 so have had this place bookmarked since then so have thought about it a lot. Perhaps it is overinflated as an attraction in my mind.

  5. Natalie Remanier
    Natalie Remanier at |

    Hi, thanks so much for this guide! We’re planning to follow your 7 day itinerary in May. I was wondering about your experience driving in the south, between Tozeur, Douz, and Tatouinne. Did you have any issues navigating the sand on the road? I saw it in one of your photos, but was wondering if a certain kind of car is needed to navigate, or if there were any parts that felt impassable. Thanks so much!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Nikki!!! We’re finally making plans for our Tunis Trip. I’m going to try to follow your 5 day itinerary, and get it done in 4 days. I’m thinking about spending the first 2 nights in Sousse to do those spots, and then 1 final night in Tunis to catch Carthage and Medina and the city.

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi there!

      It might feel a bit tight, but the distances between those places aren’t so far (it’s when you head towards the desert that the drives get a lot longer). So I think that’s still a solid plan and should give you a great taste of Tunisia in 4 days. Hope you have a great trip!!

  7. erik schaumann
    erik schaumann at |

    Nikki! Hey there friend. We’re going to try to do most of your 5-day itinerary in 4 days. What thinkest thou?
    Tuesday – fly in, drive down to Sousse stopping in Hammamet on the way, overnight Sousse
    Wednesday – Visit El Jem, Monastir, and Sousse archealogical museum, overnight Sousse
    Thursday – Drive to Tunis via Kairoun. overnight Tunis
    Friday – See Carthage, fly out in the evening

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hey Erik – Nikki here! When are you guys off to Tunisia?

      It looks like you guys are still fitting most things in, so I think you’ll have a great time in those 4 days 🙂

      If you have some leftover time after Carthage, you could potentially squeeze in Sidi Bou Said, too. (Don’t miss that flight, though!)

      Let us know how your trip goes!

      1. Erik Schaumann
        Erik Schaumann at |

        We’re heading out in a month, taking a MSC cruise from Miami to Barcelona, then spending about 2 weeks in Spain, Malta, and Tunis. I’m about to check out your post on Barbados.

        1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
          Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

          Hey Erik! That looks like a fantastic trip! If you have some time in Spain, you might be interested in visiting Gibraltar or Ceuta in Africa. These two articles might inspire you:



          As for Barbados, we don’t have anything interesting written about it. 🙁

          Happy travels!!

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  10. Victoria
    Victoria at |

    Hello, may I ask if it is necessary to have a 4WD to do the 7 days itinerary? Or would an ordinary sedan do? Thank you

    1. Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone
      Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone at |

      Hi Victoria! Thank you for your comment! If you stay on the main roads, you will be fine with a normal sedan. We had a very small car, 2WD, and had no problem at all. If you are going to go deep into the desert, then you will need a 4WD and most likely a tour so you don’t get lost. Other than that, a small simple car is fine.

      The roads are really good…the drivers, not so much. 😉

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions! All the best with your plannings!

  11. Usman
    Usman at |

    good info .
    We are 2 old Husband and wife team like to travel ,
    Tunisia was the choice to fly from London which is very cheap and affordable. we are thinking to stay in one city and do the day trip or rent a car.
    Itinerary from your listing.
    it will be 7 or 6 days Relax, few archeological sites including (star war) and Holy city of Kairouan.
    El Jem Amphitheater
    Ruins of Carthage/Baths of Antoninus
    Sidi Bou Said..
    where do we Base if we rent a car other choice if we take day trips where do we base
    perfect for us one of the city (Sidi Bou Said) seems like Santorini? My wife will love to see that town she cant get visa for EU countries because of her Passport country .
    Do you think it is worth staying in town of Sidi Bou Said for 3 Days just to relax?
    I like history but she like to rest in beach town we both trying make each other happy.😁.


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